Proptech startup from Munich finds new investors

lCasavi founders (from left) Peter Schindlmeier, Oliver Stamm and David Klötzer The company wants to become the market leader in Europe. (Photo: Casavi) Munich The coronavirus pandemic has also given the rather conservative real estate industry a boost in digitization. During the lockdown, many property management companies and housing companies, which were still working a … Read more

How Europe might react to Putin’s natural gas freeze

Russia turns off the gas tap. Gas flows to Germany have not yet completely dried up, but President Vladimir Putin can cut them off whenever he sees fit as part of his war. It is now clear that neither the existing contracts will stop him, nor the objections of his security apparatus, nor financial losses. … Read more

What impact does Italy’s government crisis have on Europe?

Rome After only a year and a half of political stability, Italy plunged into its next government crisis this Thursday. Mario Draghi’s coalition is in danger of collapsing, with the prime minister last night submitting his resignation to the president – who initially rejected it. Troubled days are now ahead in Roman politics. What are … Read more

Global companies are building internal crisis firewalls

Munich, Dusseldorf Holger Engelmann is in a dilemma familiar to many German CEOs. “China, with its 1.4 billion inhabitants, is and will remain an interesting market,” says the CEO of car supplier Webasto in an interview with Handelsblatt. The growing potential cannot and will not be ignored. “We will continue to invest in China.” A … Read more

What Dax companies say about the travel chaos

Frankfurt, Dusseldorf Germany’s major companies complain about traffic chaos at airports and the limited availability of rental cars. This is the result of a Handelsblatt survey of 40 Dax companies. Beiersdorf writes, for example: “There are significant problems with all modes of transport.” Nivea’s maker complains of difficulties with air travel and car rental providers. … Read more

Curevac kicks off new research on cancer

Frankfurt Tübingen-based Curevac AG has lagged far behind in cancer research in recent years, as has vaccines. But here, too, the biotechnology company has now embarked on a new endeavor: “Oncology is the area we will be targeting in parallel with vaccines for infectious diseases,” said Franz-Werner Haas, head of the company, in an interview … Read more

Coronavirus worries cause start-up collapse in China

Beijing Due to the coronavirus lockdown and stricter regulations, start-up funding in China collapsed in the first five months. Nearly 30 percent fewer companies were registered in the four largest cities Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen compared to the previous year. Only half of the companies were established in the economic metropolis of Shanghai compared … Read more

Implementation and feedback: Recruitment feeds the shortage of skilled workers

Düsseldorf Maren Möller * also considered the speed of the application process to be self-evident. Until he applied to Lufthansa Technik. Even the first steps in the career portal seemed like a digital barrier for the corporate development specialist: introductory masks for the individual, language skills and motivation, all broken down into six tabs. There … Read more

“Germany is not as digitized as many thought”

Munich Collaborative robots are the great hope for growth in the global robotics industry. Above all in production, they work in an automated way with their human colleagues. “The cobot segment will definitely grow larger than that of classic heavy industrial robots,” said Esben Östergaard, founder of pioneering robotics Universal Robots ahead of the Handelsblatt … Read more

Robotics is booming due to skills shortages and supply chain chaos

Munich Empty shelves and shortage of workers – the new shortage in the economy gives industrial robot manufacturers a special boom. Last year, 487,000 robots were sold worldwide, 27% more than last year. “There is a huge investment in automation now,” said Susanne Bieller, general secretary of the IFR Global Industry Association. But it sees … Read more