Why do cats always lie on the laptop?

Updated: 09.08.2022 – 13:11 office kitty 4 reasons why cats are always lying on the laptop Photo: Shutterstock/Bogdan Sonyakhnyj When the cat is lying on the laptop, it doesn’t just want your attention. The following applies to home office cat owners: never leave a laptop unattended. Because before you come back with the coffee, the … Read more

Tiertafel Kiel eV helps people and animals | NDR.de – News

Status: 08/09/2022 5:00 AM What should you do if the feeding bowl remains empty? Due to rising inflation, many people in Schleswig-Holstein are worried about feeding their pets. Tiertafel Kiel helps. by Marina Heller When there is no longer enough money to feed his pet, the owner’s desperation grows. Even during the pandemic, many people … Read more

Tips from Tierschutz Calw: This is the best way to protect pets in the heat – Gäu

In summer, it is also uncomfortable for four-legged friends. Water can help with this. Photo: © FurryFritz – stock.adobe.com Not only people, but also pets are suffering from the current heat. Gudrun Sohnrey from Animal Welfare Calw and the surrounding area explains how to make summer bearable for dogs, cats and other small animals. Althengstett … Read more

Volunteers worried: West Pomeranian animal rights activists lose donations due to rising prices

Animal rights activists are sounding the alarm over rising energy costs. “If heating costs for animal shelters continue to rise, this could mean the collapse of animal welfare practice in the country,” said Lea Schmitz from the Tierschutzbund Deutschland. She fears that some animal shelters could close or freeze admissions. “That’s critical, because then we … Read more

A cat with a mustache looks like a famous star

Updated: 28/06/2022 – 20:45 “Charlie Catplin”, “Tomcat Selleck” and many more. The cat with a mustache becomes a viral hit and gets funny nicknames Photo: Shutterstock / Chalie Chulapornsiri A cat with a beard becomes a star on Reddit. (icon image) Cats never fail to surprise us with their fantastic nature or unusual fur marks. … Read more

New study: Your cat knows your name!

Updated: 22/06/2022 – 21:58 Good memory New experiment reveals: Cats know the names of humans and their ilk Photo: GettyImages / Kilito Chan Cats associate our name with our face. Either “Schnuffi”, “Mausi” or “Miezi” – we have the most creative nicknames for our cats, but they do not seem to hear any of them. … Read more

To protect the rare tops, cats should be kept indoors

Yes, even as a very important and interesting development. In Europe, on the other hand, there is not much movement on the issue. Cats are an emotional issue. You yourself had to experience this after the publication of your analysis two years ago. There were even death threats, as you told me then. There was, … Read more

Legal status for owners: what to do if neighbors feed the cat despite the ban – Panorama

“Feeding others” with the wrong food can make pets sick. Photo: imago / Frank Sorge Good intentions, but not always welcome: people feeding pet strangers. Their owners are often unhappy, especially when the former continue to do so despite the ban. Can cat owners take legal action against this? Cats are considered idiosyncratic and affectionate … Read more

Keeping animals in rental legislation: When are pets allowed in the apartment? – Region & Country

The cat is the most popular pet among the Germans. Photo: Suomi / Pixabay When it comes to pets, problems with the owner can quickly arise. There are even common clauses in lease agreements that are ineffective. We clarify what should be taken into account when keeping pets in rented apartments. As there are no … Read more