Bad Bodenteich: Thoughtful spa town with castle | – Guide – Travel

Status: 01/07/2022 4:32 PM To the east of the Lüneburg Heath, not far from Uelzen, the Bad Bodenteich spa grew out of a medieval settlement. Its attractions: a large water park and a castle. About 4,000 people live in Bad Bodenteich. It is therefore quiet in the spa town, which is located between Lüneburg and … Read more

Journey home, WeberHaus GmbH & Co.KG, press release

The green front door of the elegant villa belonging to the Dörnfelder family shines on guests from afar. The street there is full of cypresses, olives and lavender, which is currently in full bloom and exudes its typical Mediterranean aroma. Cheerful children’s laughter is heard from the garden and shortly after the water splashes. You … Read more


DJ PRESS REVIEW / Company Business-related media issues, compiled by Dow Jones Newswires. VATTENFALL – From the point of view of Vattenfall CEO Anna Borg, electricity prices in Europe are currently rising mainly due to high gas prices. The company notes that market prices fluctuate widely. “This has no benefit for anyone in the long … Read more

The running kitchen stops at Uda Castle in Oedt

May 12, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. Cuisine of different cultures : We cook together at Uda Castle Lanja Goron (left) and Monika von Söhne in front of Uda Castle: “Kitchen on the run” will stop here and bring together people from different cultures through cooking. Photo: Norbert Prümen Oedt “Kitchen on the run” stops for … Read more