Head of the IHK in Solingen, Remscheid: There are no taboos when it comes to energy supply

July 18, 2022 at 4:45 pm The natural gas crisis worries the Bergisch companies : There are no taboos when it comes to energy supply IHK director general Michael Wenge is concerned that the supply of natural gas to the domestic industry could be at risk. Photo: Moll, Jürgen (jumo) Solingen/Remscheid Fear is growing in … Read more

If no gas flows through Nord Stream 1: The consequences for companies in SH | NDR.de – News

From: 07/11/2022 6:19 PM If Nord Stream 1 remains closed after the construction work, there will be serious consequences. The Business Association North warns of supply congestion, economic downturn and job losses. There are no short-term solutions. by Jonas Salto In the ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel (Dithmarschen area) 15 companies in the chemical and energy industry … Read more

Ergon Capital puts the Opseo intensive care group up for sale

Nurse (symbol photo) The company cares for seriously ill people. (Photo: ullstein bild – Hoff / WELT) Frankfurt According to business circles, private equity investor Ergon Capital is putting up for sale the German intensive care group Opseo, which specializes in intensive care. Goldman Sachs Investment Bank is preparing an auction that could start in … Read more

“We see ourselves as supporters of the nursing staff”

The address is selected appropriately. The Invalidenstraße in Berlin, chosen by the founders of Pflegia as the headquarters of their company, fits in well with the theme of its name: care. Felix Westphal and Masoud Shahryari from Hamburg and Lennart Steuer from Munich moved to Berlin for their start-up, which was founded three and a … Read more

Russian gas embargo threatened: Saarland companies become increasingly nervous

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Russian gas embargo threatened: Saarland companies become increasingly nervous

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Russia to impose gas embargo: Saarland companies are getting nervous

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You have created a communal apartment in Berlin

Berlin – Beginning and end is close to this timeless beautiful pool. Pure coincidence. A young bearded father walks into the Schöneberg public baths in black flip-flops, holding his daughter by the hand. It is so small that it does not even reach the middle. She is wearing a dark green swimsuit, white hair clips … Read more