Viennese start-up ‘Glacier’ trains companies in sustainability – Austria

Of . – 07/08/2022 09:54 (act 9.07.2022 09:58) The Viennese start-up Glacier advises companies on the subject of sustainability. ©APA (symbol image) The Viennese start-up Glacier has specialized in protecting the corporate climate and is now training employees of other companies on the subject of sustainability. Glacier shows how companies can save CO2. “Meatless Monday”, … Read more

How to detect coronavirus in wastewater | free Press

Chopsticks in the nose or throat: Testing is not the only way to find out how widespread Sars-CoV-2 is. From the experts’ point of view, sewage treatment plants could also serve as an early warning. Berlin. Relatively low cost, little effort, and a real-time picture of the pandemic situation: medical officials recently advocated expanding wastewater … Read more

Experts warn of deadlock in EU-Switzerland trade agreements

euros and francs What follows about the EU’s economic relations with Switzerland? (Photo: dpa) Zurich The situation is hopeless: More than a year after the failure of the framework agreement between Switzerland and the European Union to reorganize their economic relations, there is no compromise in the negotiations. Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis, who is in … Read more

One in four companies in Austria sees no benefit in digitization

“Surprised, almost shocked, that one in four companies can do nothing with digitization,” said Rudolf Schrefl, CEO of the Austrian network company Drei Austria. The finding comes from the fifth Austrian digitization index, which strategy consultant Arthur D. Little (ADL) Austria and market researcher Marketmind collected on Dreis’ behalf and presented on Thursday in Vienna. … Read more

Friday: Google warns of cell phone spying software, slow digitization in Austria

Google has detected spyware on smartphones in Italy and Kazakhstan that can read messages and contacts. This is true for both Android and Apple iOS phones. The creator of the software is the Italian RCS Lab, which in the past collaborated with the well-known company Hacking Team. This type of espionage is likely to benefit … Read more

Summer Vacation 2022: Tips for easier travel

Summer is just around the corner and after two years of pandemics, the main concern for many is rising prices in all sectors. Travel is no exception. In the pursuit of the most economically advantageous offer, it is important to avoid the pitfalls that lie behind it. The European Consumer Center explains what you need … Read more

Explanation & consequences of the denial of oil by Russia

Germany has long resisted an EU embargo on Russian oil. Now it’s supposed to come. What would be the consequences of the import ban for Germany? Recently put it EU new sanctions against Russia in front. Also included: possible ban on Russian oil imports. Germany has resisted this for a long time – but now … Read more

Book or wait: What about the winter holidays?

Again we have to ask ourselves: Where can the winter trip go? A year ago, winter vacations were almost unthinkable. The anticipation was even greater this year. Whether you are skiing or traveling long distances to the south – the main thing is relaxation. But the coronavirus pandemic could also block many of your travel … Read more

Viennese researchers show how companies can shake up economies – Vienna Online – Austria –

16/05/2022 10:17 (act 16.05.2022 11:12) It can have far-reaching consequences if construction companies are no longer able to perform as supply chains are often heavily interconnected. © APA / HANS PUNZ (symbol image) Viennese complexity researchers analyzed how companies take on 75 percent of systemic risk. If construction companies can no longer perform their function, … Read more

The future of the economy: These German companies are defying the pressure for transformation

Gllea lu pel Vhlelue tel Ple; Pkllpllue Beep: Vukt henO leOeup kel peOll aeleekuel, pepp plek ple Pllnelluu pu enpolleeu velpe. Ble Pltpel, ple vll lepeu Iea lO Belupekeu nup lu peu pueleteu Zepleu pekeu, Oeekeu nup pekl pellutteu. Vll κρατήσει ple Bulpekelpnua aellutteu, nup enp Bnppteup enleehenelekeu. Bep lpl nup ulekl teleeklaetetteu, velt ep … Read more