The gentlemen return to the hearth

June 15, 2022 at 1:03 p.m. Free time in Dormagen : Mr. Zon returns to the hearth The owners of the men’s “Coch-Club Zons” meet once a month to cook and party. Photo: Hans Uhr belts The men’s “Coch-Club Zons” returns to rhythm with its gastronomic meetings after the restrictions related to the coronavirus. This … Read more

My house, my car, my kitchen: more and more men are discovering cooking, Küche & Co GmbH, press release

According to the “Food Report 2021” of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Germany, 52% of respondents cook almost every day. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase of 13%. In times of pandemic, the kitchen has become the key to the family, especially since many professionals work from home. In … Read more

Study Finds Public Sector Organizations and Institutions leading the way in the adoption of multiple clouds, NUTANIX GERMANY GMBH, press release

Nutanixexpert in multi-cloud computing, published the results of its fourth worldwide Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) presented in the public sector. The study measures the progress of companies and institutions in adopting the cloud – including the US federal level and public education systems worldwide. The results of the research show that a disproportionate number of … Read more

“I pack my things and I’m out …”, ARAG SE, press release

Until the coronavirus pandemic, the Germans were among the world travel champions: in 2019 alone, the percentage of the population that traveled was almost 80 percent. However, our desire to travel contributes significantly to climate change, because carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions play a particularly important role when we travel by car, ship and especially by … Read more