Cats: According to a study, many cat lovers get this wrong

WDue to their seemingly stubborn nature, cats are often accused of being moody or even stubborn. They need their space and don’t want to be petted everywhere and anytime. It would actually be more fair to say: cats know what they like – and what they don’t like. But do self-proclaimed cat lovers even know … Read more

Return of interest – these ten documents are attractive to savers

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Stock market tips: 14 experts, 30 stocks – it’s worth starting here

plep elu chtelep Gedplauet, peuu peueek alua ep plet edvolp. 6lt pep enek lolel? VBUI kel i2 UelOoaeupuelvetlel lu aeue Benlpekteup petleal, vep ple lkleu Gnupeu peleell leleu – eluplelaeu upel teluptelpeu; Vup veuu ple enO Gent leleu: Veteke Phlleu plup lelel luleleppeul; Bep Blaepulp pel VOtleae lpl epellepekeup elupenlla, nup ple Iloop nOteppeu ulete … Read more

Refugee Jobs: How Our Bureaucracy Stops Ukrainian Women

Vle ulete pel 6etteekleleu plpteua elu Plpellpuelkotlulp eluaeaeuaeu plup, heuu ple Pnupepeaeulnl tel Plpell (PP) ulekl aeuen petluleleu. Pntpektnpp aepeu epel evel Nekteu: Pu kel ple Pueekt pel pueletuelplekelnuapottleklla Pepekotllaleu Oll nhlelulpekel Pleelpeuaekollahell uuu Beplnel plp Pollt nO i0.999 enaeuuOOOlekelnuapottleetklla Pepekotllaleu. Vup enO Pleklelea i2. Inul veleu lu peu Iupeeulelu lupaepeOl 0bt.999 nhlelulpeke Belpuueu lO … Read more

Refugee Jobs: How Our Bureaucracy Stops Ukrainian Women

HeyGermany is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of personnel. Many companies are desperate for applicants. At the same time, more than 870,000 people have fled to Germany since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While the priority was protection and shelter, many of them now want to work. The Federal Employment Agency (BA) cannot determine precisely how … Read more

Milano Vice: With a million-selling virtual pizza brand

“The pizza box was top notch! It’s hanging on my wall now,” says a Google review for new Berlin brand Milano Vice. How come? It’s bright yellow, the logo is painted in big pink letters on the front and the start-up has printed puzzles on the back – to pass the time. High recognition value. … Read more

Powder instead of shower gel – how sustainable are start-up Everdrop’s products?

HeyThe idea makes sense: what if we just bought a fizzy tablet instead of a single-use spray bottle full of liquid glass cleaner? At home we can dissolve them in tap water and pour the liquid into a reusable spray bottle. We sure saved plastic with this one. Munich-based start-up Everdrop is making this concept … Read more

Company failures: New companies in particular falter

TDespite the war in Ukraine, inflation and the coronavirus crisis, relatively few companies in Germany had to file for bankruptcy in the first half of 2022. About 7,300 company bankruptcies are recorded in the statistics of credit agency Creditreform, which is almost 3% less than the corresponding period last year and even 25% less than … Read more

Start-ups in crisis: A new era begins now

HeyThe founders of start-up Gorillas are still the same – but their message is hard to pin down. Not long ago, college friends Kagan Sümer and Ugur Samut wanted to explore the whole world from Berlin. The super fast food purveyor opened delivery warehouses in London, Paris, Amsterdam and New York almost simultaneously – and … Read more

Book value method: These stocks are particularly cheap right now

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