A story of animal art: “TierART” with comedian Aurel Mertz / Neue …

08/08/2022 – 16:30 3 sat down Mainz ab Montag, 15. August 2022, 19.10 Uhr Erstausstrahlungen Angefangen von den ersten Höhlenmalereien über die Darstellung gefährlicher Bestien im Mittelalter, klassische sogenannte “Tierstücke” im 17. Jahrhundert bis zu surrealistischen Tierbildern des 20. Jahrhunderts und zeitgenössischen Werken – die Kunst ist voll von Tierdarstellungen. In der fünfteiligen Reihe “TierART. … Read more

Tips from Tierschutz Calw: This is the best way to protect pets in the heat – Gäu

In summer, it is also uncomfortable for four-legged friends. Water can help with this. Photo: © FurryFritz – stock.adobe.com Not only people, but also pets are suffering from the current heat. Gudrun Sohnrey from Animal Welfare Calw and the surrounding area explains how to make summer bearable for dogs, cats and other small animals. Althengstett … Read more

Dognapping: How to protect yourself and your pet from dog abduction

Dog owners know it: “Dogs must stay outside.” No problem, then the four-legged friends are leashed in front of the supermarket, the bakery and the like. Nothing will happen – or will it? According to Doglost, which runs a database of missing dogs, dog thefts have increased by 250 percent in Great Britain and Ireland … Read more

Mussolini’s chicken rests in the animal cemetery in Rome

July 29, 2022 at 8:32 pm In a pet cemetery in Italy : This is where Mussolini’s chicken rests At Casa Rosa’s pet cemetery, people visit their dead pets. Photo: Max Intrisano Rome Luigi Molone runs the oldest animal cemetery in Italy. His father buried the fascist dictator’s poultry. Later, state presidents and Hollywood bigwigs … Read more

Volunteers worried: West Pomeranian animal rights activists lose donations due to rising prices

Animal rights activists are sounding the alarm over rising energy costs. “If heating costs for animal shelters continue to rise, this could mean the collapse of animal welfare practice in the country,” said Lea Schmitz from the Tierschutzbund Deutschland. She fears that some animal shelters could close or freeze admissions. “That’s critical, because then we … Read more

Artist Irmenach mummifies dead pets

Wre das meznmWiohr dse riludaeBsh naArexedl tRaka ni Icernham r(seKi Btiat-hWircsltl)keen tet,brti drwi cutaihstmao ovn zeiw itiVernn nzggona.ee rianD egal izwe ezt,Kna Rksaat ovetnrrsbee und irimeftoitem iteHemse ,uarconev den Todrebund. sti “cIh otellw you tihcn fcnieha in rnatGe cesv”rahrne, gtas re. mZlua er 9002, asl sei rsete zeKta vno eemni toAu üferaerbihn urwd,e hctin utw,ess … Read more

State of emergency in emergency veterinary care in Saxony

Animal clinics are dying in Saxony, vets warn. Especially at night and on the weekend, some animals could no longer be treated in time. The situation has worsened since the beginning of July: three clinics resigned from clinic status. In the entire Free State of Saxony, only three veterinary clinics are now available 24 hours … Read more

Savings tips for camping holidays with dogs / ADAC Tips: Dog Friendly …

20/07/2022 – 10:15 am ADAC SE Munich (ots) Campsites are more in demand than ever this summer. Especially in Germany, but also in the neighboring countries, the demand for pitches for your own or rented caravan or motor home – and with pets – is increasing. More and more campsites in Germany and abroad have … Read more

With the power of 1000 dachshunds: injection of millions for the veterinary practice of Berlin

“Everyone should have a pet,” says Jonathan Loesing (30). But for Loesing, this isn’t just an animal- and people-friendly statement, it’s about his company. Together with business partner Julian Lechner (31), he founded a digital veterinary clinic that is set to become a chain. The “veterinary practices of the future”. Rex is the name of … Read more

Video goes viral: Buffalo stuns the internet with heroic acts

Updated: 13/07/2022 – 21:21 Animal Rescue Touching video: Buffalo helps a turtle in danger Photo: Shutterstock/Pixel Shot A turtle couldn’t help himself. Luckily a buffalo managed to save her. (virtual image) What at first looks like an attack turns out to be a heroic rescue operation: so cute how a large buffalo helps a small … Read more