These companies want to stay in Russia

Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt Metro boss Steffen Greubel has to justify himself more and more. Despite the current situation, the wholesale group wants to maintain its operations in Russia. The company bears “a responsibility to our Russian colleagues,” Greibel wrote in a letter to his employees available to Handelsblatt. He condemns the attack on Ukraine, but … Read more

Protecting the constitution is at risk from Russian IT experts

Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg The President of the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Stefan Kramer, warns of an increased security risk from Russian IT experts in Germany. “We have to assume that the experts involved could become unwitting targets of recruitment by foreign, in this case Russian, intelligence services and thus endanger the … Read more

Where the future opportunities lie for energy companies

Dusseldorf Sustainable energy supply is rapidly gaining importance for European companies. The market for energy solutions is expected to quadruple by 2035. This is the result of a previously unpublished study by strategy consultancy PwC Strategy&, which is available exclusively to Handelsblatt. According to the forecast, the market value for business-to-business (B2B) energy solutions will … Read more

The future of the economy: These German companies are defying the pressure for transformation

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