Completely ruthless Vladimir Putin: New shocking images from Chernobyl! Experts warn of new nuclear disaster

Again, drone recordings and photographs show the extent of the Russian catastrophe in the restricted area of ​​Chernobyl. Putin’s troops not only recovered huge quantities of radioactive material, but also scattered mines. Experts fear a catastrophe. Abandoned Russian trenches and firing points are located in the radioactive Red Forest, full of radioactive debris near the … Read more

The Geissens in mourning: “You were the world to me!” Deadly shock terrified Carmen Geiss

This blow of fate tears the ground beneath Carmen Guis’s feet: her best friend has died and leaves the millionaire’s wife bewildered by grief. On Instagram, Carmen Geiss dedicates moving farewell words to her beloved. Here Carmen and Robert Geiss could still laugh – now a fateful stroke leaves the millionaire couple in mourning. Image: … Read more

VM Driving Report E-Works Heero: Double Hero of Sustainability – Electric Mobility (E-Mobility), Delivery Trucks, Vans and Transporters | News mobility VISION

Of course they do not say so directly, but in fact the self-proclaimed and confident electric revolutionaries from E-Works from Ismaningen want nothing less than: Deliver the best eSprinter with the Heero. In other words, one with more autonomy, more power, trailer fit – and rear-wheel drive! Of course, the range is not art when … Read more

The cat gets cute slippers made from her own fur

Updated: 21/04/2022 – 22:07 Mom goes viral with the seminar This cat has her own slippers – and she enchants her fans with them Photo: GettyImages / Svetlana Sultanaeva Cat slippers are also available. (virtual image) This cat owner won her cat’s heart with a fluffy idea … or rather, his legs! Because the cat … Read more

Relegation with Wolfgang Petri

Always Hertha Relegation with Wolfgang Petri Updated: 21/04/2022, 06:00 | Reading time: 4 minutes Anyone who needs encouragement as a Hertha fan in the battle for relegation should feel understood in the world of German success. Nvtjl lboo wjfmmfjdiu ojdiu EJF Xfmu sfuufo- BCFs EJF Tffmf / Ofjo- EBT IBU lfjo tdimbvfs Qijmptpqi PEFs ipdicfhbcufs … Read more