Which pet is right for me? The Dortmund Animal Shelter gives advice

Dortmund. Dog, cat, mouse: the choice of a pet should be carefully considered. In addition to the chemistry between humans and animals, living conditions must be adequate. ‟Ejf Lbu{f jtu efs Tqju{fosfjufs”- tbhu =tuspoh?Ejsl Spkbio=0tuspoh?/ Tfju {fio Kbisfo jtu fs =tuspoh?Mfjufs eft Ujfsifjnt jo Epsunvoe?cmvohfjfjfsov TFS gft Qmbu{ {xfj efs cfmjfcuftufo Ibvtujfsf- hfgpmhu wpo Lmfjoujfsfo … Read more

Dangers lurk for pets at Christmas

December 22, 2021, 9:45 a.m. Reading time 4 minutes Everything is different at Christmas, the noise can quickly upset the stomach – or the mood of the pets. If there are also unfamiliar foods or Christmas decorations being swallowed, Christmas day is quickly over at the vet. What dangers lurk and what you face do … Read more

Keeping animals in rental legislation: When are pets allowed in the apartment? – Region & Country

The cat is the most popular pet among the Germans. Photo: Suomi / Pixabay When it comes to pets, problems with the owner can quickly arise. There are even common clauses in lease agreements that are ineffective. We clarify what should be taken into account when keeping pets in rented apartments. As there are no … Read more

Donate pets to animal shelters instead of abandoning them

January 18, 2022 – 2:07 p.m. I’m watching by Annette Berger When people can no longer take care of their cat or dog, animal shelter is also an option. The cost of adopting a pet varies considerably. About 800 pets are delivered to the animal shelter on the Süderstraße in Hamburg each year The thirteen-year-old … Read more

Pet outbreak in pandemic: veterinarians on the verge

Status: 08.01.2022 3:10 p.m. Coronavirus crisis causes pets to explode. One million pets moved to new homes in 2020, a trend that continued into 2021. This means a huge overload for veterinarians. By Mandana Bareh Foroush, Mr In times of exclusion and social isolation, many people feel alone and acquire a pet. There is now … Read more

What role do pets play in the spread of the coronavirus?

Just the day before yesterday, the Hong Kong authorities ordered the killing of about 2,000 hamsters and other small animals for public health reasons. The reason: The owner of a pet shop was infected with the Delta variant. The hamsters in the store tested positive. According to the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI), there have been … Read more

Seven Years in the Wilderness: Who Lives with the Deer: Geoffroy Delorme | Cultivation stage BR

For seven years, Geoffroy Delorme lived in the Bord-Louviers forest, an hour and a half drive west of Paris. They fed on roots, tubers, leaves and berries. The deer tolerated his presence. Deer, he writes, “adopted” him. Shamelessly, Geoffroy Delorme talks to the press about his lonely life and his decision to leave his family … Read more