Ukraine, interest rates, koruna, price risks are rising and also affect companies in southern Hesse

mountain road. The war in Ukraine, the highest interest rates in the US and probably soon in Europe, inflation everywhere, the chaos in the seas and ports of the world like Shanghai, problems in the supply chain and not to forget the crown, which at the moment greatly paralyzes the Chinese economy. AdUnit Mobile_Pos2 AdUnit … Read more

Christian Fenner from The Nu Company afterwards

The startup of the confectionery The Nu Company has successfully raised funds this year. Christian Fenner hopes for even greater success for a data company. Christian Fenner (30) founded The Nu Company in 2016 with his college friends and roommates. Last year, Leucia-based start-up food company The Nu Company sold shares to former racing driver … Read more

The fear of German companies for new sanctions against Russia

largeThe ebkuchen disappeared from the shelves of German supermarkets and discount stores in the change of time. Remaining stocks are now offered at half-price at checkout tables in the checkout area. After all, these are the so-called seasonal sweets. Otherwise in Russia. “There, as in other Eastern European countries, gingerbread products are consumed all year … Read more

Hive founder Franz Purucker after 2021

Franz Purucker, co-founder of Hive, can look forward to a strong year: Investors put in € 36 million to fulfill it. And how was it different in 2021? Franz Purucker, co-founder of Hive, is not worried about things that can not change anyway.hive When Franz Purucker reminisces about last year, it must feel like five … Read more

Moscow threatens, Washington warns: Is Russia nationalizing Western companies?

Status: 03/11/2022 12:06 p.m. The Kremlin is threatening international companies that are suspending their operations in Russia due to the war in Ukraine with drastic consequences. The White House warns of foreclosure. The Russian government is now openly threatening to expropriate international companies that are suspending their activities in the country. Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office … Read more

These startup glasses are worn by soldiers in Mali

The video glasses from the Austrian startup Happymed are designed to reduce stress – and are currently being tested by German soldiers on missions abroad. What is the device good for? Our author tests video glasses at the Cyber ​​Innovation Hub facility in Berlin.boot scene Imagine a lake with a panorama of the Alps hiding … Read more