Save data in transit

Importance of storage changes with technological advances Save data in transit 26/08/2022 By Christian Marhöfer* providers on the matter What impact are different technologies having on data storage – and what should companies prepare for in terms of future security? Tempus fugit – time flies. And it changes everything, including the storage world. Whether industry … Read more

The Gaia-X conference shows potential

GXFS Connect 2022 in Berlin The Gaia-X conference shows potential providers on the matter The first phase of Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) implementation is nearing completion. In early September, around 300 of the top minds behind Gaia-X will meet in Berlin for GXFS Connect 2022 to present Gaia-X use cases from Industry 4.0, mobility and … Read more

Pet shops: cruelty to animals at dumping prices | PETA

There are still pet stores, garden centers and hardware stores in Germany that offer sentient beings as cheap goods for sale. So-called pet shops are especially attractive to people who often spontaneously buy a “pet” on a whim. However, sentient beings are not commodities, nor are they gifts. Every purchase of an animal in a … Read more

Keeping sheep: How to keep sheep in your garden

If you have a yard with a large area of ​​grass and pasture, you may have considered keeping rescued sheep. But can even beginners give sheep a pet-friendly life at home in their garden? And what foundations must be laid for animals to feel comfortable in the long run? We at PETA Germany have the … Read more

How to lose weight in dogs and cats

More and more animal companions in Germany are overweight. 50 percent of dogs and cats are overweight because of treats and too little exercise. [1] Many pet owners think they are doing their four-legged friend a favor by giving them lots of treats, and some think it’s cute to have a chubby cat or a … Read more

All information about fresh water & Co.

Would you like to keep inflatable fish in the aquarium? If so, do not buy fish from a pet store or online, as doing so will cause enormous suffering to the animals. Find out here how you can adopt a puffer fish from the animal shelter and what to look out for when keeping it! … Read more

How often should you wash a dog?

Many dog ​​owners are not sure how often it is really necessary to wash their housemate. Should you only bathe a dog when it is very dirty? Or is it necessary to wash the animal regularly? Is it harmful if dogs are washed too often? And what about shampoo – which products are suitable for … Read more

Is your dog afraid of storms? See how you can help him!

Many dogs fear storms and will disappear under the sofa or basement stairs at the slightest rumble. Especially in the summer, heat storms are stressful for anxious dogs and anxious owners. Not only thunder and lightning are scary for the four-legged friend, but also increased ambient noise caused by wind, rain or hail. With older … Read more

7 tips for safe trips to the garden

Cats love to explore their surroundings, and outdoor cats also love to roam the neighborhood gardens. To prevent your garden from becoming a danger to your animal housemates and neighboring cats, you should make it safe for your four-legged friends and other animals. You should also discourage your cat from going into the neighborhood alone. … Read more