How Pet Friendly Are Cafes Really?

More and more major cities around the world are opening so-called cat cafés, including in Germany. The idea originally comes from Japan, where there have been cafes where cats have been kept for years. The point is that guests can spend time with the plush paws and play with the animals. However, it begs the … Read more

8 reasons why your child should grow up with a cat

Kids learn so much from being with cats! Above all, what it means to respect borders. Unlike some dogs, freedom-loving animals don’t put up with everything and sometimes show their claws when it takes too long. But it doesn’t have to come to that. If children learn early on how to interpret cat sign language, … Read more

The most popular pets of Germans

On Instagram, proud owners hold sleepy hedgehog faces for the camera, adopted squirrels and alpacas sleep in the dog basket next to their owner’s bed. Cute! THE? Here we reveal why keeping certain trend pets is not at all species-appropriate and which pets are actually more popular with Germans. Man’s best friend is a dog! … Read more

BZ movie tips from “The Kangaroo Conspiracy” to “Tad Stones and the Search for the Emerald Tablet”

By Markus Tschiedert Only “The Song of the Crayfish” made last week’s top 3 new releases. However, the fun cartoon “Mionions” (2nd place) and the Bavarian police comedy “Guglhupfgeschwader” (1st place) still dominate. The new film week begins with two animal adventures: “The Kangaroo Conspiracy” is based on laughs from Berlin, while “Beast – Hunter … Read more

Cats: According to a study, many cat lovers get this wrong

WDue to their seemingly stubborn nature, cats are often accused of being moody or even stubborn. They need their space and don’t want to be petted everywhere and anytime. It would actually be more fair to say: cats know what they like – and what they don’t like. But do self-proclaimed cat lovers even know … Read more

Ticks on Pets: These Remedies Really Help!

Updated: 24/08/2022 – 15:49 Chemical club or home remedy? Tick ​​Treatment for Dogs and Cats: How to Get Rid of the Little Pests! Photo: Shutterstock/Chutima Chaochaiya There are many tick repellents for dogs and cats. In addition to the well-known topical preparations, simple home remedies can also help. They lurk in hedges, grass or bushes: … Read more