Igel OS optimizes the performance of Microsoft Teams

In Azure and Windows 365 virtual desktop Igel OS optimizes the performance of Microsoft Teams providers on the matter Igel OS managed endpoint operating system enables secure access to digital workplaces. End devices connected through Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 are now also optimized for Microsoft Teams use. IGEL OS now optimally masters … Read more

Just make shopping smarter

Digital procurement management E-procurement: Just make shopping smarter 15/08/2022 Guest Contribution by Ellen Förster* providers on the matter Less manual work and bureaucracy, but more efficiency, transparency and sustainability: What advantages does the digitalization of markets bring to companies and how it helps them better cope with current and future challenges. The Covid-19 crisis or … Read more

LBBW is based on IBM’s encryption solution for cloud computing

LBBW Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) protects data in its cloud environment using encryption technology from IBM. The Unified Key Orchestrator (UKO) is powered by IBM Cloud and enables LBBW to protect data wherever it is, while meeting the high data security requirements set by regulations and directives. HeyAs is well known, financial institutions are under enormous … Read more

Backup for Microsoft Teams, Layer 2 GmbH, press release

Backup for Microsoft Teams – do it yourself quickly and easily Many companies rely on Microsoft Teams for digital collaboration. Simple communication via chat and video, fast file exchange and joint work on documents ensure that more and more files important to the company’s success are stored in the cloud. When managing a Microsoft 365 … Read more

The presentation phenomenon and its dangers

sick at work The presentation phenomenon and its dangers 15/08/2022 By Marco Krefting, dpa providers on the matter Getting the blues is easily explained: Don’t go to work even though you’re perfectly healthy. The opposite is called presenteeism: you turn on the computer when you’re sick, drag yourself to the desk eventually. Has Corona changed … Read more

5 tips to optimize costs in the cloud

First COVID, then the war in Ukraine and now the looming recession: companies are preparing for uncertain markets and digging deep into their bag of IT tricks. Investments are increasing, especially in Cloud & SaaS. How do you keep costs under control? When it comes to digital transformation, the path leads directly to a vast … Read more