Supply chains: human rights violated

Home Business Was created: 07/03/2022UPDATED: 07/03/2022, 07:50 am Of: Tobias Schwab Division Workers at a tannery in Bangladesh process raw leather. © dpa European footwear retailers still take too little responsibility for human rights risks in their supply chains, a study shows. When the wall of a clarifier collapsed in Ranipet, India in 2015, ten … Read more

Hagen United fight for ‘Emma’: Despite good integration, to leave Germany

Jana Bostelmann (left) and Kevin Reichmann (right) are committed to Emmanuel Afriyie (middle). (Photo: Jan Eckhoff) “Emma is the backbone of our club,” explains Kevin Reichman, first team coach at the Hagen United soccer team. By Emma she means Emmanuel Afriyie, who is sitting with us and Jana Bostelmann, also United’s manager, on a beautiful … Read more

How the Wirecard scandal unfolded: Between oligarchs, investors and spies – Economy

The greatest events often have secular beginnings. In the summer of 2014, Dan McCrum, an aspiring journalist at the Financial Times (FT), met Australian hedge fund manager John Hempton. He asked, “Are you interested in any German gangsters?” McCrum had said. Now he has written about what happened next in his book ‘House of Wirecard’. … Read more

Five tips for a holiday trip by bike – Reise

Sports holidays, leisure trips, family holidays: It’s not just extreme cyclists who travel by bike anymore. Bike tours are becoming more and more popular. Some organizers have specialized in this. Smooth asphalt and impressive sea view. The aroma of thyme fills your nostrils and sweat drips from your forehead. Road cycling in Mallorca is exhausting, … Read more

The yolk of the vegan egg

Chicken or egg – which came first? For fans of a cultured breakfast, this question could soon become obsolete. Because an Israeli food tech start-up has managed to do exactly what fans of fried, boiled or even poached eggs have always been missing when it comes to vegan alternatives: create a product that not only … Read more

Gastronomy Hamburg: This is what the Süllberg restaurant looks like now

Gastronomy Hamburg South Tyrol: This is what the Süllberg restaurant looks like now 02.07.2022, 22:36 | Reading time: 3 minutes They now have the Süllberg key (from left to right): Björn Peickert, Lorenzo Vazzano, Peter Rothe and Vincenzo Vazzano. Photo: Marcelo Hernandez / FUNKE Photo Services The new management changed the concept and name of … Read more

ROLLER in Oschatz will be running these great deals starting Monday (July 4th).

07/02/2022 20:00 ROLLER in Oschatz will be running these great deals starting Monday (July 4th). Starting Monday (July 4th), Roller in Oschatz will be doing great deals with deep discounts. For example in corner sofas, living rooms, kitchens and much more. ADVERTISING Oschatz – ROLLER in Oschatz is celebrating its 30th anniversary from Monday (July … Read more