Model, Actress, Mom: All About Barbara Meier | entertainment

Infallible! Long red hair, milky complexion and cute figure. Barbara Meier visually stands out from any crowd of models and that alone has made her truly famous – and internationally! In the second season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” the then 19-year-old student was one of Heidi Klum’s “Meechen” – and became the winner. This … Read more

Zaporizhia nuclear power station: hazard expert

Mr. Dokter, what do you know about the current situation at the Zaporizhia NPP? After Thursday’s power outages, all six reactor units at Zaporizhia were down by Friday afternoon. Blocks 5 and 6 were still operating beforehand, but were subsequently closed. Unit 6 operated for a short time yesterday at reduced capacity in order to … Read more

With Volha Hapeyeva and Ronya Othmann – Poetry – a means of survival

Belarusian Volha Hapeyeva has been living in Germany for two years. Because of his critical views on the regime, he became a target of the Belarusian secret services. He writes novels, children’s books and poetry. Her latest volume of poetry, Mutantengarten, is the second book she has translated into German, along with the prose volume … Read more

A shortage of skilled workers is fueling the market for managed IoT services

Not only is the overall market for IoT services and solutions currently developing very strongly in Germany. In particular, the Managed IoT Services subsector is currently experiencing double-digit annual growth rates. Reasons include a growing shortage of skilled workers and the escalating threat of cyber attacks. This is shown by the new comparative study “ISG … Read more

Diversity of Life: Interactive photo map of biodiversity

The highlight of the weekend Diversity of Life: Interactive photo map of biodiversity 26/08/2022 From dpa providers on the matter Man surrounded by monkeys. Horses pangolins up close. An interactive map will show the relationships of all known species worldwide. An exciting thing. Curious, animalistic, thoughtful or just “nice to know” – the side note … Read more

Play Moving Out 2: The Movers Return

What do you do when you’ve perfected every dish, mastered every kitchen, and fed every last hungry guest on Overcooked? That’s right, you take the proven and popular co-op couch concept and simply transfer it to a new environment! Enter Moving Out. In Freelancer 2020, you join a team of movers and help clear out … Read more

Use iCloud passwords in Windows

Tom’s Tip of the Week: 2FA Generator for iCloud Sync Use iCloud passwords in Windows providers on the matter Installing iCloud for Windows allows users to associate iCloud for Windows with iCloud Keychain in Settings. This also works with two-factor authentication. Apple products like iCloud can sync with Windows, including using Keychain. After installing iCloud … Read more

Alibaba stock is starting to rally

The Alibaba-Aktien (WKN: A117ME) is starting to recover again. On Thursday, the stock temporarily rose more than 8% to over €100 (as of August 25, 2022). One of the triggers for this was a press report that the US and China were close to an agreement in the dispute over balance sheet audits of Chinese … Read more