“Bernardinelli-Bernstein” is the largest known comet

Home the knowledge Was created: 22/04/2022, 12:18 p.m. Of: Tania banner Division NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope confirms what researchers have long suspected since its discovery: Bernardinelli-Bernstein is the largest comet. Los Angeles – Shortly after the discovery of Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein (C / 2014 UN271) in the summer of 2021, one thing was clear: the comet … Read more

Review of the cloud under the roof: packed in cotton

“What is left when we leave?In any case, in the kit, a mixture of grief drama and a good film feel of Alain Gsponer, is the eponymous cloud under the roof. Despite its fantastic elements, the story is loosely based on real experiences: in his children’s book. “cloud under the roofThe award-winning screenwriter Christoph Schilber … Read more

Martin Orth with “Wolke Glas” travels – Schwetzingen

Schwetzingen musician Martin Orth, who has just reappeared live on “Blaues Loch” after a long break (mentioned), will be rocking there next May with the band K’lydoscope. At “Blue Hole” Orth also unveiled his new title “Wolke Glas”, which is available on popular streaming portals from April 15. The creative leader has already released many … Read more

Schalke 04 – Werder Bremen: Tips and Predictions for the 2nd Bundesliga Top Game – Sports Betting BildBet

Is the second division now more attractive than the Bundesliga? Schalke 04 meets Werder Bremen this Saturday. There are big names now concentrated in Germany’s second highest football league. The first associations with both clubs are probably in the direction of Diego, Raul, Ailton, the big international nights and the successes.The former Bundesliga veterans have … Read more

Car washes in Allgäu: This is how they work – Current Allgäu news

The car washes in Allgäu have recently been busy again and again. An expert explains where the water comes from and what resources are used. Moritz von Laer 22/04/2022 | Status: 06:40 a.m. A large cloud of Saharan dust recently swept through Germany. The sand covered garden furniture, paths and mainly vehicles. Once the dust … Read more

Process automation: The cloud behind the new Camunda 8 platform

Camunda celebrates the launch of the Camunda 8 platform as a milestone. With it, its Berlin-based process automation software provider proclaims nothing less than the “era of the universal orchestral processor.” The idea behind this: The Camunda 8 platform should help companies build scalable, robust, and fail-safe automation of complex business processes across all relevant … Read more

Test drive – Stromern in cloud nine

– Stromern in cloud nine With the EQE, Mercedes brings a second large sedan with electric drive. A lot of luxury, technology and range are its features. Published: 20/04/2022 15:00 As a purely electric business sedan, EQE competes with the Tesla Model S. Photo: Mercedes Build, create, build a house – this Swabian saying can … Read more

Completely ruthless Vladimir Putin: New shocking images from Chernobyl! Experts warn of new nuclear disaster

Again, drone recordings and photographs show the extent of the Russian catastrophe in the restricted area of ​​Chernobyl. Putin’s troops not only recovered huge quantities of radioactive material, but also scattered mines. Experts fear a catastrophe. Abandoned Russian trenches and firing points are located in the radioactive Red Forest, full of radioactive debris near the … Read more

Relegation with Wolfgang Petri

Always Hertha Relegation with Wolfgang Petri Updated: 21/04/2022, 06:00 | Reading time: 4 minutes Anyone who needs encouragement as a Hertha fan in the battle for relegation should feel understood in the world of German success. Nvtjl lboo wjfmmfjdiu ojdiu EJF Xfmu sfuufo- BCFs EJF Tffmf / Ofjo- EBT IBU lfjo tdimbvfs Qijmptpqi PEFs ipdicfhbcufs … Read more