Supermicro accelerates AI workloads, Cloud Gaming and multimedia delivery with new …

05/11/2022 – 19:04 Super Micro Computers, Inc. San Jose, California, April 20 / PRNewswire / Supermicro is the first to offer Arctic Sound-M and Gaudi2 servers, with Gaudi2 offering a 3x * performance increase over the previous generation. the latest systems will be unveiled at Intel Vision 2022 Super Micro Computers, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMCI), a … Read more

“The farmer is looking for a wife”: Will the wedding bells of Justin and Steffi ring soon?

While the other couples still know each other, farmer Justin and his estranged wife Steffi are already in the cloud nine. There are already concrete plans for the future. In Peru, things smell like coffee farmer Félix and his mistress waiting for Simone. At “Bauer sucht Frau International” (Monday and Tuesday, 8:15 pm on RTL), … Read more

Inversion of poles in the black hole – astronomers observe the active core of the galaxy as the magnetic field is reversed

Shift of superlative poles: astronomers may have noticed an active black hole during a pole reversal for the first time – the entire magnetic field of an oversized black hole changed its orientation by 180 degrees in a matter of months. Proof of the reversal was a dramatic 100-fold increase in the brightness of this … Read more