The Start-up Award 2022 is given to PowerON and SEMRON from Dresden, WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING GmbH, press release

Innovative startups in the fields of robotics and chip design were awarded yesterday at the Connect 2022 conference as winners – each with first place.

On June 1, this year’s Start-up Award was presented by the city of Dresden in collaboration with the international specialized magazine connect by WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING GmbH. The new companies PowerON GmbH and SEMRON GmbH, both from Dresden, convinced the jury in a multi-stage selection process and each took first place. The award was presented by Dr. Robert Franke, Director of Economic Development at the Dresden State Capital Office, and Dirk Waasen, Director of Publications at WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING GmbH, delivered and included extensive communication support for the winners – with editorial support and social media posts. and case studies in Connect magazine. With the Start-up Award, inspirers want to promote innovative companies and give them a platform.

From more than 100 start-ups, 10 companies were initially selected, which were evaluated by the jury according to a rating system – CodesSquare GmbH & Co.KG, IoT-Plan GmbH and PowerON GmbH and SEMRON GmbH passed to the final. Presented to the jury in a live pitch, consisting of Bettina Leutner, CEO of CREAM COMMUNICATION, Jessica Oldenburger, Content Manager at WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING, Uwe Richter, Head of Smart City, Office for Economic Development, State Capital Dresden Waasen, Publishing Director WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING and Sophia Wolter, Economic Development Office, Dresden State Capital. PowerON GmbH and SEMRON GmbH impressed with their innovative strength and expediency and were selected as winners on the night of the first day of the Connect 2022 conference.

Dirk Waasen, Publishing Manager of WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING GmbH, explains: “We want to support new, innovative companies with our start-up award. There are some really impressive ideas among this year’s entries. We see great potential among the winners, and this internationally. In any case, the award means that we have our finger on the pulse of the times “.

“Congratulations to PowerON GmbH and SEMRON GmbH,” said Uwe Richter, Jury member and Head of Smart, Office for Economic Development, State Capital Dresden. They convinced us, the jury, with their innovative ideas and therefore they are worthy winners of the award. “Two such promising start-ups in Dresden also reinforce Silicon Saxony’s vision as a great innovation location in Europe.”

Dr. Robert Franke, Head of Economic Development in Dresden, says: “We are proud that our ecosystem continues to produce such innovative start-ups and that we can connect them to our city. We try to continue to support start-up activities on our part – with our start-up centers and the financing of our innovation “.

Dr. Moritz Scharff, Senior Development Engineer of PowerON GmbH, accepted the award on behalf of the founder Dr. Markus Henke, and says: “We are very happy to have selected one of the strongest start-ups from Dresden – this is a nice reward for our team work. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the support we have received from all over the region. “

Aron Kirschen, Co-Founder and CEO of SEMRON GmbH, says: “We are delighted to be able to convince a top jury at this stage. “This is a good sign for us, especially since those in charge are familiar with the issue of chip design.”

More information

PowerON GmbH offers smart soft sensor and actuator solutions for robotics and interface technology. The company was founded in 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand and has a branch in Dresden, so PowerON GmbH combines the creativity of New Zealand problem solving with the unrivaled efficiency of German technology and production. PowerON GmbH has many years of experience with smart, soft materials, biomimetics and soft robotics. Its beginnings date back to 2015 when CEO Markus Henke, CTO Katie Wilson, COO Ross Green and lead scientist Iain Anderson met at the Biomimetics Lab at the Buckengineering Institute in Auckland to develop soft electronics for soft robotics. In 2017, Markus Henke began developing soft tactile arrays for robotic applications at the Semiconductor and Microsystems Institute at TU Dresden. In 2020, the first products and development kits were offered. This will be followed by the introduction of further multifunctional dielectric elastomeric components for robotic applications. The technology developed by PowerON GmbH paves the way for new products and applications, not only in robotics, but also in automation, e-commerce, agricultural engineering, medicine and many other fields.

SEMRON GmbH develops a semiconductor chip that refines a new approach to data processing. In today’s computer chips, data processing follows a bypass that costs time and energy. The increasing digitization, use of sensors, smartphones and drones increases the need for computer chips, which also require huge amounts of energy for their data processes. At the same time, the energy requirements of electronic components reduce the life of the devices and increase the space and weight requirements due to the large energy storage media. SEMRON GmbH develops a semiconductor chip that refines a new approach to data processing. Strict separation of memory and numeric unit is eliminated and there are no power consuming transistors in the memory. A chip that has the highest energy efficiency in the world is possible. The functional principle has already been proven in the laboratory and has been extensively simulated. This creates another innovative Dresden technology for Europe’s leading microelectronics location. The chips serve as a basis for processes with high computing power, such as face recognition, 5G, autonomous driving. They contribute significantly to climate protection – as computers and electronics around the world require the power of many power plants.

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