As a member of the HolidayCheck Club Premium, you can save a lot on your vacation

Save money on vacation as a member of the HolidayCheck Club Premium – FOCUS Online

Shopping deal with FOCUS Online: As a HolidayCheck Club Premium member, you can save a lot on your vacation – now at a bargain price

Tuesday, 21/06/2022, 10:15 a.m.

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. It’s nice when you can take advantage of exclusive, cheap deals and, in addition, use valuable coupons and services that are easy to budget for the long term. HolidayCheck offers – exclusively for FOCUS Online users – a limited number of premium club subscriptions at a special price.

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If you enjoy traveling frequently, this is the place for you: The new HolidayCheck Club offer not only offers you great travel at a bargain price, but also many goodies and extras. As a member of the HolidayCheck Club Premium, you have access to top offers and save money on your booking with premium coupons. A premium subscription usually costs 79 euros per year. FOCUS Online users pay only 33 euros the first year!

Note: Like Burda Forward (FOCUS Online), HolidayCheck is a subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media.

The advantages of a Premium Club subscription at a glance

  • Travel voucher 100 €

    You will receive a refund voucher of € 100 for organized holidays with a minimum travel price of € 990 once per year of membership.
  • Become a premium member now

  • Exclusive offers on selected trips

    As a member, you have access to exclusive premium offers in popular travel areas that can only be booked by premium customers.
  • Car rental coupon 15 €

    You will receive a car rental coupon 15 € for your reservation with a minimum price of 150 € within one year of membership.
  • Additional discounts and offers

    Premium members get access to selected top offers, special discounts and promotions, as well as selected partner offers several times a year (eg airport parking, lounge access, holiday activities).
  • Premium international health insurance

    HolidayCheck provides foreign health insurance with HanseMerkur for you and all travelers in Germany, no matter how often you book: no discount, no cost for treatment abroad – even in case of Covid disease, return , German 24-hour emergency telephone line, accommodation costs for escorts.
  • premium service

    As a member, you have exclusive access to the premium HolidayCheck service: premium hotline. premium communication via email. Personalized, free and non-binding offers from travel experts within 48 hours.

HolidayCheck – Everything for a perfect vacation

Subscribing to the Premium Club is undoubtedly a very rewarding story. But HolidayCheck also offers a variety of tools and services that provide you with so much information in advance that nothing prevents a successful vacation. Price comparisons from the offers of many travel agents and other travel providers allow you to find cheap hotels, car rentals, and tour packages. In addition, the rating and booking portal offers extensive travel know-how with over 10 million verified reviews and nearly 13 million user photos and videos from more than 1.4 million hotels. So there are no negative surprises on your next vacation.

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