Amadeus booking data predicts a fantastic summer

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With summer vacations largely avoided for two years due to Covid restrictions, there is a huge travel delay in the early summer of 2022. Many are looking forward to the busiest season since the pandemic began.

This poses great challenges for hoteliers. Hotel bookings are at pre-pandemic 2019 booking levels from March this year, according to business intelligence data from Amadeus Demand360. April 2022 was the first month that exceeded the occupancy levels of 2019 and May saw the rise Occupancy continues at a new high of 63% compared to 60% in May 2019.

Occupation as in 2019

Top countries like the US recorded 68% occupancy in May, 7% higher than in 2019, while Canada achieved 64% occupancy in May, 8% higher than the same point in 2019. Future occupancy data show a similar global picture : the summer months of June, July and August are currently just 1% below 2019 levels.

The fullness of the hotel should also be considered from the perspective of a fixed short booking period (number of days booked by travelers prior to departure). These data show that the vast majority of trips (54%) are currently booked 0 to 7 days before departure, which means that hotel occupancy rates currently recorded for the summer months could increase. significantly.

In the US travel market, 55% of bookings are made less than a week before the trip. Europe is generally a bit more predictable, with more than a third of bookings made between 0 and 7 days (France 33%, Germany 35%, Spain 36% and UK 39%) before staying at the hotel.

Prices are rising en masse

Due to high demand, the average daily price (ADR) that hoteliers can achieve is steadily rising from the global low of $ 83 in April 2020. Based on future Amadeus data for June, July and August 2022 , the global average ADR is 200 USD, just over 11% higher than the 2019 ADR average for the same months of 180 USD. Individual countries record high in summer room prices with France forecasting ADR 428 USD in July 2022, an increase of 29% from 2019.

Remaining restrictions still affect the origin of travelers. According to Amadeus flight bookings (as of June 4, 2022), the United States is ahead of all countries in terms of incoming flights for the coming summer months, followed by the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Canada.

Amadeus car rental figures (as of June 3) also show that global demand is growing this year, with 33% more bookings for June, July and August compared to the same period in 2021. Rental duration is also higher in 2022 from 2021 (average 6 days versus 5 days), with a higher average daily interest rate of 102 USD against 92 USD. According to the 2021 Summer Travel Database, 54% of bookings were made within a week of travel, representing significant opportunities for an increasing volume of rental cars.

The data is expected to help the travel industry plan strategy and prepare for a welcome summer travel rush. “The data, for example, clearly show the percentage of travelers who booked in the last seven days before the trip, which should give hoteliers the confidence to keep their room rates stable and not be tempted to “reduce them to gain more business,” says Katie. Moro, Vice President, Data Partnerships, Hospitality at Amadeus, giving an example of how data is used. (TI)

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