Caravan Tours – With These Tips, Camping Vacations Will Be Successful

Caravan Holidays: ADAC Württemberg offers planning tips

Stuttgart – enter, leave, is the trip the goal? In fact, the dream of great freedom of camping is associated with a number of necessary precautions. Good planning in advance helps here, so as not to waste unnecessary time during the trip looking for a camping truck or camping and to have as much time as possible for relaxation.

Dr. Bernd-Holger Köpler, Head of Travel Sales and Tourism at ADAC Württemberg, knows what decisions need to be made in advance and how the route should be planned: “If you are clear about the percentage of activities in the area “As hiking, cycling or sightseeing have to take, it is possible to calculate how many days are needed in one place,” says Köpler.

This allows the rough separation of the stages. For scenic routes away from expressways, you should set an average speed of about 40 kilometers per hour so that you do not miss anything and can walk to the market, go out to the ice cream stand or have a cup of coffee in front of a quiet backdrop.

Camping preparation tips:
• Save overnight destinations on your mobile phone in advance so that the next step navigation address, phone number and opening hours are available.

• When navigating, note if the system is designed for caravans. This is the only way to ensure that you do not suddenly end up in a proverbial dead end due to length, height or weight.

• Pack maps of appropriate scale. At a scale of 1: 200,000 or 1: 150,000, the stages – including bypasses not suggested by the navigation software – can be well designed on land.

• Clarify in advance what regulations apply to caravans in the holiday country regarding tolls, environmental zones, parking, overnight stays or speed limits. In Italy, Spain and Portugal, for example, a red and white warning sign is required for protruding loads, while in France caravans over 3.5 tonnes must use special stickers to indicate the danger of a blind spot. This and other important information can be obtained from the ADAC for each transit and holiday country.

Route suggestions from professionals

ADAC tourism experts have already worked out a number of travel proposals for Europe or abroad. A tour of Provence or the Loire Valley, three weeks in national parks in Canada or the USA or a beach holiday in Croatia – the choice is great. Depending on the season, duration and starting point, the ADAC has appropriate route suggestions as a basis for further planning. Coordinated map material and traffic information is included in the free ADAC TourSet. Shortly before departure, you can use the ADAC Tourmail to receive updated route or local weather information.

On the go, the free ADAC Trips app is a good source for attractions or hiking trails in the area. Finding the right stadium Depending on the holiday situation – transit, longer stay, beach holiday or city trip – the requirements for a stadium or campsite are different. Websites, applications and bibliography offer many preparation options. It is best to highlight some beautiful places in advance so that the scene can be designed flexibly without much research and adapted to the weather or time.

The city’s tourist website often describes overnight venues near the city with links to public transport. On the other hand, more search and often booking is required if you want to stay several days in an idyllic campsite by the river or lake. The camping platform ADAC has suggestions for every need and some pitches can also be booked online. The ADAC camping and parking guide application describes and scores around 12,000 campsites and more than 9,000 parking spaces in Europe.

Anyone traveling to a caravan for the first time should take the time to do a few laps in advance to get used to the dimensions, braking and handling of the steering wheel. Tips for proper packing and loading and the ADAC Camping Days program with campaign days in Ludwigsburg (June 23) and Ulm (June 24) are published at

(Press release: ADAC Württemberg eV)

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