Modern kitchen without handle

The modern interior design strives for a uniform shape, smooth, perfect surface and noble simplicity. The idea is followed in the kitchen furniture and results in closets that do not have the classic door handles. A kitchen without handle It looks calm, harmonious and practical – it is easier to care for. Then we will reveal what else the elegant kitchen cabinets contain.

Design kitchens without handles according to the slogan “Less is more”

Kitchen without handle-cupboard handles-design-white.minimalist style-modern

The kitchen without a handle represents state-of-the-art furniture without compromising on quality and is therefore in the highest price category. However, in order to open the cupboards, special mechanisms are placed, which are undoubtedly functional, but also have value as an innovation in the construction of the kitchen. With the right opening bracket, drawers and cabinets open and close in a flash. So, these kitchen plans are the best choice when it comes to cooking quickly and efficiently.

Kitchen without handle in a modern, minimalist style

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-white-long-lighting-modern

The furniture in a minimalist style causes the combination of elegance in a straight line and, without anyone, cleanliness. To maintain this, one thinks, it is constantly cleansed. However, without disturbing the decorative details and ornaments, the smooth surface can be cleaned more easily and quickly. Whether fingerprints can be seen on it depends largely on the surface coating and color.

Kitchen without handle in white color

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-white-minimalist-small

Without visible handle elements, the kitchen appears as a whole, harmoniously connected to the modern lifestyle that strives for a simplistic, simple design. In combination with the white color, this impression is enhanced and the elegant character is emphasized. The white kitchen without handles looks calmer and bigger, another reason why this has become a trend in recent years.

White kitchen without handle in the small apartment

Kitchen without handle-cupboard handles-design-small-apartment-white-glossy-stool

Modern built-in devices can be integrated perfectly into clean lines without disturbing the overall picture. However, furniture manufacturers, as well as top brands such as Siemens, Miele, Bosch, etc., follow the same simple, user-friendly look.

Industrial style kitchen without handles

Kitchen without handle - cupboard handles - design - white - industrial style - wooden floor

The industrial and loft style claim a lot of space – generous living space, open, unifying spaces and lots of light. The modern lifestyle includes the attractive and functional kitchen with ample work space. Due to the glass, it is usually not possible to mount kitchen cabinets on the wall, which is why storage space refers to the base cabinets. Loss of storage space is not desirable and various possible solutions are possible.

White kitchen without handle, gray counter and kitchen wall

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-white-stainless-gray-island

Opening and closing the drawers allows for a gentle push. Which is a great choice for people with back problems as the shutters can also be opened with the knees or hips. The system is effortless and silent and can be mechanical or electronic.

Kitchen without handle with islet front and stainless steel cupboard

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-stainless-kitchen-island sink

Mechanically or electronically, the cabinet door is knocked at a specific point with the tip of the finger, thus activating the opening assist. The mechanical variant opens the door so far that you can reach inside. Electronically, it works according to the principle of touch, where the pressure points are very sensitive.

Open kitchen without handles in white color with color touches

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-modern-white-gray-floor

The kitchen without a handle allows other touches in the room to dominate and become truly their own. Decoration, home textiles and wall painting can be temporarily designed differently, while high quality kitchen equipment remains much longer and is considered a long-term investment. Because it makes sense to choose a simple, timeless design, for example in white, and arrange it separately with other furniture.

Color in the minimalist kitchen

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-white-minimalist-wall color-blue

A modern kitchen without handles is probably the best choice if you want a layer of color in the same space. Bright colors can make small rooms look cramped, but straight lines balance and are a great base for bold solutions.

Kitchen design without handle – harmonious, in combination with other furniture

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-glossy-beige-modern

When it comes to choosing colors, the trend is towards variations of white and light pastel colors. Transferred from fashion, they also look particularly fresh and friendly indoors. High gloss panels are available in a wide range of colors that could also be used in other areas of the house.

Modern kitchen in pastel colors – pastel blue and white

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-island-white-pastel-blue-glossy

The high gloss for the facades and the wood on the floor is one of the top trends not only in the field of kitchen design, but in general in modern interior design.

Color tones in the modern kitchen

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-white-island-glass

The very simple idea of ​​the kitchen without handles leaves room for different material implementations. The combinations of high gloss and glass with their reflective feeling make the rooms look more spacious and significantly brighter. Tones of natural stone or metal complete the “cool” design.

Kitchen without handle with island – glossy white and beige

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-kitchen-island-white-glossy-gray

Another variant for a modern kitchen without handles is the handle strips. These serve as conventional handles, but are integrated as a tip on the top or side of drawers and doors. They appear only as a narrow gap between the parts of the kitchen, but in mathematical terms they mean a loss of storage space, as they consume part of the available space.

Rounded shapes in minimalist style – modern kitchen without handle

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-kitchen-island-white-glossy-rounded

A modern kitchen with a kitchen island is minimalist and simple, but at the same time really functional. Many steps are often saved during cooking. Combined with the smart opening bracket, cabinets and drawers can also be opened easily when you do not have a free hand. This requires pre-programming the opening mode so that not everything opens only when you go through.

Kitchen without handle in modern country style

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-white-modern-cottage-style

Handleless is not necessarily minimalist and clean. However, these are specific opening systems that are optional with furniture in every lifestyle. The example shows a bright, spacious kitchen for dining in a modern country house style.

Combine materials – wood and glossy white

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-white-glossy-wood

The combination of materials with different looks is currently the top trend. High gloss and wood, white and stainless steel or natural stone are just a few of the possible variations. With a successful color concept, it is important that the style line is understood from the beginning.

Wooden kitchen without handles – modern and comfortable

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-modern-wood-kitchen-natural-wood

The modern kitchen made entirely of wood and without door handles certainly looks very promising. In the example, this is partly equipped with visible cabinet handles and aluminum handle strips. The bright kitchen wall in blue petrol gives a fresh, modern touch.

Wooden kitchen without handle with kitchen island

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-holu-kitchen-island-white

Modern kitchen with wooden island in two different appearances is an interesting variation of traditional wooden kitchen. The two colors of wood harmonize mainly due to the symmetrical proportions and the linear design language. The floor covering and work surface are neutral in design.

Modern wood look in the kitchen – kitchen cabinets without handle

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-modern-wood-optkg-beige

Modern front cabinet design

without handle-kitchen-cupboard-handles-design-wood-modern-sculpture

Modern furniture design knows no bounds and prefers to abolish those that have already been established. So door handles are not what they used to be, and door handles are not exactly that.

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