Olaf Scholz at ZDF: That’s why he does not want to travel to Kyiv

Chancellor Scholz does not want to travel to Kyiv. In an interview with ZDF he explained his reasons. But it kept a low profile on an oil embargo.

Unlike opposition leader Friedrich Merz (CDU), Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) does not want to travel to Ukraine at this time. Scholz justified his refusal by saying that Ukraine had President Frank-Walter Steinmeier uninvited. “This is the opposite,” the chancellor told ZDF on Monday night “What now, Mr. Solts?”. He believes that it is “a very remarkable fact” that Steinmeier got rid of Ukraine. “You can not do that”.

Solz stressed Germany’s commitment to Ukraine. “A country that has so much military aid, so much can not work Financial Aid “Steinmeier had planned to travel to Ukraine on April 12, which was rejected by the Security Council. government in Kyiv.

Unlike other European heads of government and politicians from the United States, neither Scholz nor any other member of the federal government has been in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Mertz wants to travel to Kyiv in the coming days. The CDU president briefed him on his plans, Scholz said. “I do not object to that. I approve of that. ” The chancellor announced that he would then talk to Merz about his experiences. Everything else is not good manners among Democrats.

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Scholz: Putin “did not think well” of the attack on Ukraine

Scholz further reassured Ukraine support for Germany. Russian President Vladimir Putin “did not think about attacking Ukraine until the end,” Solz told the show. “Because, first of all, he did not believe that Ukraine would put up such resistance. “He did not think we would support them militarily enough to endure for so long.” Putin also did not expect so many countries to punish the attack on Ukraine with sanctions.

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In addition, Putin did not consider that international sanctions will not be lifted until it is fully withdrawn from Ukraine after a possible ceasefire. “Because, and this is a mistake in his calculations, we will not lift the sanctions again without an agreement with Ukraine,” Solz said. “It must be agreed with Ukraine. “And he will not be able to do that with a dictated peace.”

Possible oil embargo: Scholz keeps a low profile

In a possible oil embargo Scholz kept a low profile despite repeated surveys. There should be no “living message from the European consultations”, he justified his reluctance to answer the question. “It’s not a football game.” At the same time, Scholz acknowledged that freezing Russian oil markets would not be easy for Germany. Germany can now do it a little faster without oil from Russia. “But we know the unresolved problems that exist in the refineries in East Germany. And they have not been resolved yet. “

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Following Scholz’s critique of the crisis in Ukraine, the Social Democrat has made several statements in recent days, justifying his cautious course, for example on the delivery of heavy weapons, such as tanks to Ukraine. “I always made quick decisions,” Soltz dismissed as a sign of hesitation in the ZDF program. “But my course is that we act with prudence and a clear mind.” “Every decision means we always consider the consequences,” Solz said.

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