Prices on Ikea are rising: My kitchen has become much more expensive

A customer photographs an Ikea price.
IKEA Germany / Andre Grohe

Not only is gas, gasoline and groceries becoming more expensive, but so are kitchens.

As part of a small experiment, our author submitted the 40 individual Ikea kitchen parts he bought in 2021 to an ongoing price check.

One of the results: price increases are up to 80 percent. But there are also parts and services that have not become more expensive six months after purchase, such as a gas stove, a skirting board or the door to a tall closet.

We now know that almost everything is expensive right now: gas and electricity, petrol and diesel, groceries and clothes. But even if oatmeal now costs 59 cents instead of 49
– and that means an increase of more than 20 percent: With such small absolute amounts, we see almost no inflation. But what if you buy something bigger that costs thousands of euros? For example a new kitchen …

That was for me last year. And because the individual components all come from Ikea and I still have all the proof, I was able to risk the experiment – and calculate how much the same kitchen would cost today, in April 2022.

2021: Ikea announces price increases

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More than 40 individual items under control

Premium price: 18 percent more

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Built-in sink: Plus 39.11 percent

The comparison of product prices in one image.

The comparison of product prices in one image.
Ekkehard Kern

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The price has remained the same

Here you can see the whole table with the price increases of the kitchen:

Ekkehard Kern

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