“He kissed me at the Good Mood Club”

A Rezi | 2/5/2022, 5:24 p.m.

Hach, Jenny Elvers is in love

SAT.1 / Julian Essink

They have been a couple for a few weeks: Jenny Elvers and Marc Terenzi are quite in love and are in the cloud 9. Now they are revealing personal details of their relationship, including the fact that Marc Jenny has already become very close physically with the “Club of Good Moods” »..

Actress Jenny Elvers (49) and singer Marc Terenzi (43) already have quite cute couple names: “Baby, Honey, or Hasi”, says Terenzi in the RTL interview. Now even more intimate details about the relationship are public: There were already kisses at the “Club der Gute Mood”.

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