Pet Cameras: How to stop barking and fear of loss

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Many dogs do not like to be left alone at home and show their frustration with barking, restless gait or destructiveness.

But some cats also take the opportunity to get up in the apartment when no one is looking.

Here are some smart pet cameras that you can use to correct this behavior and give your loved one a little love (and treats) while you’re on the go.

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You may suspect that your dog will not calm down when you leave the house. Or the neighbors have already complained because your lover keeps barking. But sometimes it also happens that food is bitten in the kitchen, a pillow is touched or the sofa is scratched by the cat. If you were at home, you could of course intervene immediately and stop it with a command. But what do you do when you are at work, shopping or out with friends? This is where pet cameras can really be a useful solution.

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Pet Camera Comparison: What Should the Device Do?

The simple pet cameras give you the opportunity to change your smartphone in the apartment, so you can see what is happening there. Pay attention to products with a wide angle * to see every corner of the room. Some manufacturers also make it possible to use multiple cameras through one application or to move the camera to a mobile phone *.

It is even better if the device can notify you via push notification that there is noise or unusual movement in the house. To be able to see something at night, we recommend that you choose a surveillance camera with night vision function. Another nice trick is a snack launcher camera *. You can throw a treat at your dog or cat and train with them on the go, so that the unwanted behavior stops over time and they feel a little more comfortable on their own.

Some pet cameras also have a self-timer *. This can be useful if you need to be on the road for a long time and your loved one could use a little variety. However, you should keep in mind that this does not give you control over what the animal can be rewarded with. For example, if he chews on one of your shoes and then the snacks are thrown away, the bad behavior can become permanent.

How to train a dog or cat with a pet camera?

As a pet owner, you know of course that speed is required. It does not make sense to punish your dog when you return home for something he may have done an hour ago. This is why you should react quickly if your pet’s camera shows unusual behavior in the form of barking or moving as a push message on your cell phone. Therefore, it is best to activate immediately to place an order. If your pet interrupts your behavior, you can praise and, if the camera allows, throw a treat as a reward. We can recommend these cameras for pets:

  • Pet Camera with Recording Function (Full HD)
  • Two way communication
  • Push function for activities at home
  • Night vision ten meters
  • 8x digital zoom
  • You can control the throw of therapy on the smartphone (closer, middle, further throw for a variety of games) and automatic snack distribution
  • Easy installation in the application
  • Built-in online chat 24/7
  • Shared access for friends and relatives as well
  • Ability to download videos

One note: Additional features in addition to communication and dumping are available with a monthly subscription.

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  • The 360-degree camera can be moved and controlled via the app
  • Free application without ads
  • Motion and noise detection, each with three different levels of sensitivity
  • Two way communication
  • You can share beautiful moments with your family and friends
  • night vision function
  • Compact, discreet design
  • Ability to securely store data on microSD
  • Full HD with night vision function
  • Wide angle of 160 degrees and 4x zoom
  • Two way communication
  • Push notifications thanks to the bark sensor
  • Delicacies can be given through the application
  • Can be used with many smartphones

One note: Only See, Speak, Toss Treats and Bark Alert functions can be used without subscription.

  • night vision function
  • Manufacturer’s security promise and SD card storage option
  • High definition
  • Two-way audio function for speech through application
  • The intelligent motion sensor distinguishes humans from pets
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Easy to set up
  • Push notification in case of increased noise level

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