The Geissens in mourning: “You were the world to me!” Deadly shock terrified Carmen Geiss

This blow of fate tears the ground beneath Carmen Guis’s feet: her best friend has died and leaves the millionaire’s wife bewildered by grief. On Instagram, Carmen Geiss dedicates moving farewell words to her beloved.

Here Carmen and Robert Geiss could still laugh – now a fateful stroke leaves the millionaire couple in mourning.
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went with him the Geissen family through thick and thin for years endured dark hours and in good times they enjoyed the sweet life together – but now the farewell is final. For Carmen Gaysthe otherwise always cheerful wife of the millionaire from the RTLZWEI series “The Geissens – A terribly glamorous one family“A world collapsed because her best friend died.

Carmen Geiss announces sad death: “For me you were the world”

Carmen Geiss announced the sad loss on April 20 via Instagram. From the post posted by the millionaire’s wife on the photo and video platform, it seems that the sudden death affects not only Carmen Gays, but her entire family. The dead partner, who never left Carmen Geiss, her husband Robert and their daughters Davina and Shania, is Dex, the dog the Geissens. The loyal four-legged friend has crossed the rainbow bridge and leaves behind the heart-sick dog Carmen Geiss.

Carmen Geiss mourns the family dog ​​Dex

Carmen Geiss expressed her grief in words after the painful loss that should have strangled every Geissens fan. “Even though I knew it would happen, I did not know how much it would hurt Dex,” begins the millionaire’s wife, who is usually so excited, begins her farewell post for her loyal friend, who was a member of the Geiss family. for years. “Now you are no longer by my side, but you will always remain in my heart. Have a good time over the rainbow bridge, my favorite furry nose, because we will say it again behind the rainbow !!”

“I miss you so much”: Geissens say goodbye to a beloved family member

Accompanied by crying emojis, Carmen Geiss continued in her farewell post: “Maybe you were just a dog to the world, but you were the world to me. Rest in peace my furry nose, we will miss you all and we will carry you in our hearts “Now you are relieved of all your pain and you are moving to paradise. I miss you so much,” Carmen Geiss said in a collage of photos showing her with her favorite dog Dex.

Geissens fans mourn with Carmen Geiss for the dead pet

However, Carmen Geiss does not have to deal with the grief for Dex, whom Geissens’s hard-core fans have long had in mind as a member of the family. Many followers on Instagram participated in the pain of the millionaire’s wife and expressed their condolences to Carmen Geiss with words and emojis. “My condolences dear Carmen”, “Oh no, sorry” or “oh, dear Dex… good trip over the rainbow bridge to a paradise full of treats and endless gardens for wanderings” are just some of the reactions that Carmen Geiss and the rest of the Geissens tribe should offer consolation in the difficult hours of farewell.

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