Laika Ecovip 600 (2022) under test

With the Kosmo Camper Vans, Laika re-introduced a range of caravans in early 2019 after a long absence. For the current model year, the Italian brand is surprisingly adding a second higher standard line, which is classified in the traditional Ecovip series. The three models are also based on the Fiat Ducato, have similar floor plans and cost around 5,500 euros more.

More style, design, comfort

The growing field of caravans with baths is becoming more and more diverse. And the percentage of buyers looking for the compact van panel, but who would definitely spend a little more for more style and comfort, is also increasing.

This is the goal of the young campers of Laika. As with the semi-fully integrated Ecovip models, the buyer can choose between two furniture finishes and various upholstery covers. That too furniture design exudes a lot of charm with the cream-white wall cabinets with atmospheric lighting, which end elegantly above the cockpit.

Jurgen Bartosch

Just relax: This is made possible by the adjustable rear panel and folding table.

The roof storage box is missing in favor of the impression of space. Two panoramic skylights – above the driver’s cab and seating area – enhance the airy inside still, but belong to the special equipment.

Just like them Bench with relaxation position, which can be tilted by pulling the seat forward and tilting the back. Previously, you simply folded the table without legs on the wall – something practical, as well as the fact that you can cut the table surface in half. Even when folded, the table wall bracket still provides adequate stability. This applies in the vertical direction, but not in the horizontal direction – the attachment to the molded wall section, which is pleasantly covered with foam-covered fabric, does not provide enough support.

Different light sources illuminate the living room at night according to taste and activity. The light may be dimmed, for example, when watching TV on the screen above the back seat.

Convincing kitchen, well-designed storage space

The compact kitchenette in the sliding door impresses with three large drawers carried by sliding with soft-close function. The closures are elegant and practical, when closed, they are level with the front, open with pressure and then serve as an easy-to-use handle – “form follows function” to perfection.

Laika Ecovip 600

Jurgen Bartosch

An 84-liter compressor refrigerator is connected behind the kitchenette.

As is often the case with these models, this gained less joy workplace offer. You need to chop vegetables either on the glass cover of two parts of the kitchen and the sink or on the table. The folding extension at the entrance is too small for that.

The combination follows as furniture from the floor to the ceiling next to the kitchen refrigerator and closet. The 84-liter compressor can occupy the upper position which is easily accessible. A sliding clothes rail facilitates access to clothes. However, if you choose the optional 138 liter cooler, the hanging case on the bottom is correspondingly lower.

In addition to the two wall cabinets above the living room, there are six more units in the back bedroom, so there are enough closets for clothes and the like. Bulky items travel under the bed in the usual way back storage With. The details of the equipment and operation show that the professionals worked during the development. The removable double loading double section (optional) makes it possible to load camping furniture and other luggage without cumbersome stacking.

Laika Ecovip 600

Jurgen Bartosch

Folding the bed works effortlessly.

The corridor divider with a built-in door is also useful, which can also be completely removed, e.g. for transporting bicycles inside. Mattress sections and bed frames are easy to put aside and there are also four lashing eyes for securing loads, along with a sliding door compartment for small luggage or accessories.

Comfortable beds, without open shelves

An scalable step makes it easy to access cross bed, which with dimensions of 1.80 by 1.34 meters, is not exactly luxurious. On the right, on the side of the head, there is an additional cushion that typically extends to a width of 1.51 meters, but with a length of only 48 cm is of little use.

Laika Ecovip 600

Jurgen Bartosch

Comfortable: the walls around the back bed are upholstered.

The tall ones would prefer to do without the fabric mirror on the wall, which is sleek but costs four to five inches in length, and probably the window at the end of the leg – after all, there are also two rear windows and a skylight. Otherwise, the mattress and infrastructure are very comfortable, there are reading lamps and USB sockets, while open shelves would be a good addition.

It is on the left side of the bed bath, which makes an impression with a large sink and many surfaces with a mirror. The mirror splits in two and the top is placed at a slight angle, which means, however, that adults see their navel twice – but not their face.

Laika Ecovip 600

Jurgen Bartosch

The bathroom is compact, elegant and has a functional revolving wall.

If you turn the sink wall to the side, it opens generously shower. Strange: Waterproof thanks to a cover, an external window appears here, which is used for ventilation after the shower or as a hatch for the shower hose and thus allows an external shower.

technology on board and Construction are equipped with high quality, for example with aluminum frames and ornate XPS insulation and synthetic fiber mats. Even the sliding and rear doors are carefully insulated, but only if there is the practically necessary package, which costs 5,950 euros. Together with the chassis package and the Skyview roof window, the realistic starting price is around 65,000 euros.

Laika Ecovip 600

Jurgen Bartosch

Folding the bed works effortlessly.

Laika Ecovip 600: data and prices

Construction: Sheet metal body with high ceiling, inner lining with fabric covers plasticized with foam, wall / ceiling / floor insulation material synthetic fibers / synthetic fibers + XPS / XPS, insulation thickness 20/20 + kA / kA mm, without double floor, 6 plastic insulating frames with aluminum frames, 3 skylights, 1 skylight.

Extension: Plywood furniture, bench seat with 2 three-point belts and Isofix, rear bed 1800 x 1340-1510 mm, bathroom with toilet with cassette and built-in shower, kitchen with electric stove with two burners and compressor refrigerator, 84 l.

Onboard technology: Truma Combi 6D oil water heater / boiler, 100 (20) L fresh water tank, 90 L waste tank, 95 Ah vehicle battery, 2 x 11 kg gas cylinders.

base vehicle: Fiat Ducato, van van L3H2, front-wheel drive, four-cylinder turbo diesel, capacity 2,287 cm3, output 103 kW / 140 hp, six-speed manual transmission.

Mass and weight: Length x width x height 5,998 x 2,050 x 2,700 mm, wheelbase 4,035 mm, permissible total weight 3,500 kg.

Belts / Sleeps: 4/2

Prices: Basic price 56,083 euros, chassis package (electric mirror, steering wheel with radio control buttons, radio preparation, DAB antenna, Traction-Plus) 1,075 euros, package (electric staircase, fly screen door, FH blackout, double floor loading, Locking system, and heated waste bin, fabric roof, insulated sliding / rear doors, left bed / bathroom window, adjustable light, 4 x USB, Midi-Heki, folding kitchen board, wooden shower grill, relaxation bench, etc.) 5.950 euro, 180 PS engine 4,100 euros, maxi chassis 1,466 euros, automatic transmission. 3,422 euros, pop-up roof 4,000 euros, 138 liter refrigerator 1,399 euros, Skyview roof window 1,577 euros.


  • beds: 3 to 5 points
  • group of seats: 4 out of 5 points
  • kitchen: 3.5 to 5 points
  • bathroom: 3.5 to 5 points
  • furniture construction: 4 out of 5 points

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