His children are now adjusting to a new man in their lives

TonyPoland | 21/4/2022, 3:46 p.m.

Verena Ofarim at Isarpost in Munich 2019

Photo: IMAGO / Future Image

Gil Ofarim and his Verena have been a dream couple for four years. Until there was a big bang and a bad War of the Roses started. While the musician is about to go to court, his ex-wife is in cloud nine.

Following the scandal of his hotel, Gil Ofarim withdrew even more from the limelight than before, at least privately. The 39-year-old has not seen a woman by his side for a long time. Unlike his ex-wife Verena Ofarim (33). The mother of two is in love again four years after the divorce.

Even though the photos of the couple on her Instagram channel are still a long way off, the yoga teacher is finally done with her ex-husband. In recent years it has been anything but easy. Allegations of deception and the battle for custody cast dark shadows on the former dream marriage.

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