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May 28, 2022

Vegan fine dining restaurant “kopps Bar & Restaurant” in Berlin-Mitte: The new manager of the bar Jannick Stillger surprises with refined compositions and sets new trends and standards with innovative ideas – Jannick Stillger was selected for the final of the 20 best bartenders in Europe by the jury of the “Rolling Pin European Bartender Cups”.

The restaurant “kopps Bar & Restaurant” is not only known for its exquisite vegan cuisine, but also convinces guests with first-class drinks and excellent cocktails. With new bar manager Jannick Stillger, owner Ilhami Terzi staged a coup. Despite the lack of skilled workers, he managed to win the top talents with culinary background.

The 27-year-old trained chef can already indicate well-known stages of his career. Jannick Stillger has just been selected as one of the 20 best bartenders in Europe by the jury of the “Rolling Pin European Bartender Cup” and was invited to the final from 30 to 31 May 2022 in Graz, where the best bartender in Europe will be at stake! In the quarter-finals, the team reviewed and evaluated the recipes submitted and selected the 20 best recipes, in which there were no limits to creativity, faithful to the slogan “be creative – be wild – be fancy”. The most unusual and crazy ideas must be projected.

Born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, he decided in his youth to follow a vegetarian diet. But when he developed the desire to become a chef, he realized that the classic path could not be achieved without the meat kitchen. In 2013 he began his training at the Design Hotel Roomers in Frankfurt am Main. During the training, Jannick Stillger became a member of the national team of young chefs in 2015. One of the highlights after many trainings was the “IKA – Culinary Olympics” in Erfurt, in which he was allowed to participate with the team in 2016.

And not only that, they competed in the “SIAL World Culinary Championships” in Abu Dhabi that same year. After completing his training, the extremely talented lover of cooking explored Pan-Asian cuisine in “Moriki”. A world of perfumes that always attracts him. He then moved to Berlin to work at the Hotel Provocateur’s bar, where he demonstrated his skills over a three-year period. Here he developed his first meals, which were served with cocktails. During this period, the bar was not only awarded the “Hotel Bar of the Year” in 2019, but also received the “Bar Team of the Year” award. The aromas of the spirits with their many possibilities and the tools that he had brought with him from the kitchen formed his desire to unite these two professions so that the drink and the dish form a cohesive composition.

Now he finds the perfect place for it at the “kopps Bar & Restaurant”, which deliberately focuses on sustainability, locality and good vegetarian products with its pure vegan cuisine. As a new head bartender, he discovers more and more local brandies, spirits, liqueurs, single-fruit fruits and their juices, and realizes that many small wineries also produce spirits that are not even offered in the regular wholesale trade.

“I am incredibly happy that at kopps – Bar & Restaurant I have the opportunity to be able to fulfill exactly this wish of my heart. My wish is for the visitor to experience the locality in all its diversity with the senses”, says Jannick Stillger. .

The visitor should be offered a multi-sensory experience. For each drink, Jannick Stillger and his team find a theme that should be applied not only to taste, but also visually and olfactory. What does the forest taste like, for example? And how is it possible to put such a different experience into the glass as a taste correlation? The team addressed these questions.

The result: The Forest. With Spruce Sprout Spirit, Junmai Sake ingredients impregnated with Moss, Amontillado Sherry, Chestnut Liqueur, Chestnut Syrup, the theme of the forest takes place multi-sensory. The drink is served in a glass cup placed in a small glass box. This is lined with fresh moss. Also at cherry lady The basic idea is to make a kind of cherry dakiri in which all the parts of a cherry are used in a substantial way and not only in the cherry pulp. An organ is cooked from the seeds of the cherry. The wood of the tree is processed into cocktail bitters. Cherry stalks are added to the rum and the delicious pulp is processed.

A particular invention of Jannick Stillger is Experience button, whose name says it all. The guest enters the role of bartender and can create his own drink according to his own taste. A backdrop is served with three small bottles and a bowl of liqueur. The first bottle contains the base, ie the taste of the drink, the medium on which everything is built. The other two bottles contain the sweet ingredient in one and the acidic part of the drink in the other. Now the visitor is cordially invited to explore the drink and enjoy it in all the circumstances imaginable. All three ingredients are designed in such a way that the drink is always balanced, no matter how they are combined. They can do the same Visitors can look forward to even more exceptional creations.

The vegan restaurant “kopps Bar & Restaurant” at Linienstraße 94 in Berlin-Mitte opened in 2011 and is one of the first vegan restaurants in the capital, even before the vegan trend caught on. It offers a pure vegetable cuisine with excellent quality products. CEO Ilhami Terzi recognized the signs of the times even then. We cook with local and seasonal products from the region, from the largest suppliers of organic and greengrocer in Germany. We cook with green electricity and biogas and the kitchen uses biodegradable chemicals for dishwashers. The selection of wines consists of organic and biodynamic wines, over 90% of which come from Germany for reasons of sustainability.

Kopp’s Restaurant & Bar

Linienstrasse 94 | 10115 Berlin

Telephone: 030/4320 9775


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