The cat gets cute slippers made from her own fur

Updated: 21/04/2022 – 22:07

Mom goes viral with the seminar
This cat has her own slippers – and she enchants her fans with them

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Cat slippers are also available. (virtual image)

This cat owner won her cat’s heart with a fluffy idea … or rather, his legs! Because the cat “Nacho” is the proud owner of his own slippers. And they also excite Instagram and TikTok.

Especially in the winter months we like to put our cold feet in cozy slippers. Why be different from our four-legged friends? This is what the mistress thought and made two small slippers for her cat “Nacho” – from his own fur. With her idea, she makes the hearts of many cat lovers beat faster. In a video he now shows how he made the mini slippers.

How the cat “Nacho” acquired his own slippers

The mistress of “Mochi” and “Nacho” posts beautiful pictures and funny videos with the two bullies on the “mochithecatto” channel on Instagram. The two cats have already gained over 144,000 followers. Her mistress has now gone viral with a funny idea: she made her own little slippers for her “Nacho” cat from his combed fur. And they look very nice!

Combined with the color of the fur and a small Nike logo, the four-legged friend becomes an absolute trendsetter. There seems to be someone who is a small fan of Nike. Maybe the company will join soon …

In any case, Instagram users are surprised. The chic slippers have already received more than 4,000 likes. And it’s not just that: excitement builds up in the comments. “Awww I love them”, excites a user. “Cute!” He finds another. More and more users like the stylish idea and want to know where to buy the mini slippers.

Slippers for cats: the mistress shows how it is done

Due to the high demand, Nacho’s mistress showed her fans in an educational video how to make cute slippers. 1.3 million users watched the clip on Instagram alone. There were 18.4 million users on TikTok.

What is impressive here is that making cat slippers is not that difficult. First, the mistress caresses the back of her cat with grooming gloves. Many hairs are caught in the comb. He takes it out and presses it on a flat pillow. Then cut the patch to fit the legs and glue the top with glue. As a fashionable piece, the creative mistress cuts two small Nike logos and sticks them on the cat slippers. Voila!

Comments show that the community was waiting for this video. “The best lesson,” says one user with a laughing emoji behind him. Another asks: “Does it work with dogs?” But not everyone is impressed by the idea … “Imagine your parents cutting your hair and making you shoes”, writes a user. A funny idea.

But the cat is happy for his new slippers and is definitely proud of his creative mom cat. Fans also have reason to be happy, because the two plush legs have even funnier videos on their sleeves.

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