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Innovations 2022

Coordinating expert Irmscher continues to travel the world of caravans. Now the company is introducing the new Irmscher Cross is2 campervan to Opel and surprises with a great floor plan.

The Irmscher company, based in Swabian Remshalden, not far from Stuttgart, is known above all to the fans of coordination. Irmscher specializes in Opel and for several years the company has been touring the world of caravans.

Under the Irmscher Van Systems label, the group of companies has been developing special vehicles for years. The receiver not only improves the Opel van Zafira / Vivaro models with internal tuning equipment, but also ensures sufficient expansion. Irmscher now introduces the new Cross iS2 model. And once again, many campers will be surprised by the unusual layout. Here’s another Opel conversion from Irmscher. The receiver has also converted a 200 hp Opel Vivaro into a caravan. Here is all the information.


Coordination expert Irmscher is expanding caravans over and over again.

Excellent floor plan

Because the Cross iS2 model surprises with a excellent furniture arrangement and modern style of construction. The kitchen on the bus stands diagonally behind the driver’s seats and blends seamlessly into the built-in cabinets around the corner. This creates a lounge-like atmosphere on the bus.

Irmscher Cross iS2


The kitchen on the bus is located diagonally behind the driver’s seats and integrates seamlessly into the built-in cabinets around the corner.

Irmscher equips the longitudinal ordered range of furniture with roller shutters. Behind the row of furniture follows small living room for two people and the longitudinal double bed at the back. To have the entire length of the lounger, the group of seats is included in the bed area at night. For this purpose, the reclining surface can be folded over a sliding grid expand even further.

Cooking on Cross iS2

The front of the caravan is equipped with a sliding door sliding stove with two burners equipped – so you can cook either inside or out. Campers can also turn the table out of the living room. Irmscher also equips the kitchen with a sink and a compressor refrigerator except. The bench is made of modern, sturdy bamboo constructed, in which the blue facades have an attractive contrast.

Irmscher Cross iS2


With the folding kitchen with two flames, you can cook either inside or out.

However, prospective buyers are free to choose colors and surfaces. Inductive charging pads for mobile phones are also integrated in the furniture. Smart: The covers also serve as a cutting board.

base vehicle

Externally you can see at first glance the change that the van has undergone. The front area has been replaced with a new one front lip of the spoiler completed and the side section is equipped with newly developed side aprons. The rear space is dominated by rear extensions and a roof spoiler.

Irmscher Cross iS2


The front area was complemented by a new spoiler front edge.

Of course, the Tuner campervan can not be rolled on standard wheels. That’s why there are Heli Star Design wheels 18 or 19 inches to choose from, either with a polished surface or in a matte finish. If you’re interested in Irmscher cabernet, you can get it from Swabia’s partners. It is also possible to equip an existing vehicle with the Irmscher extension. Since the Opel van is largely identical to the Citroën, Peugeot, Fiat and Toyota models, it would also be understandable to extend one of these models. Price on request.

Irmscher Cross iS2


The rear space is dominated by rear extensions and a roof spoiler.


Over and over again, Irmscher tuning expert surprises with modern and high quality camper van conversions. The new Cross iS2 with the furniture line just behind the driver’s seats is once again a special floor plan that is sure to attract a lot of interest.

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