Discover the wonders of nature by hiking around the world – a journey into the sweet world of bees

Graz (OTS) Hiking is good for you and expands our horizons: These enriching experiences are made possible by Worldwide Hiking, the special adventure hiking trip. In his hiking tours, the organizer accompanies his visitors to impressive natural sites in new countries and allows intensive encounters with other cultures. Treating people, animals and nature with respect is always self-evident. Sustainability and a sensitive approach to the environment are not presented with a raised index, but are conveyed through authentic experiences with a “value of self-knowledge”.

For example, hikers around the world are learning more about the importance of bees in their raids in Romania, Montenegro or Madeira – the insect is one of the most important pillars of the food chain. When it comes to growing their gardens in a way that is close to nature, Weltwandern associates rely on working with bees and are happy to share their beekeeping knowledge with their guests.

May 20, 2022: World Bee Day

The importance of bees as pollinators for the biodiversity of our plant world and their associated key role in food security is fundamental to humanity. On World Bee Day, the United Nations General Assembly also emphasizes the need to reduce global bee populations and the urgent need to protect bees. About 80 percent of flowering plants depend on pollination by bees and other insects. While endangered wild bees consume nectar immediately, bees collect both pollen and nectar and use them to produce honey.

Madeira – a paradise for flower lovers, hikers and bees

In Madeira, nature feels at home: the pleasant mild climate allows flowers and plants to grow in abundance and also gives the Atlantic island the nickname “island of flowers”. Not only are lovers of flora and fauna attracted to the Portuguese Atlantic island, Madeira is also a popular travel destination for hikers. One of the classics here is the “Madeira à la Christa” hiking tour – which you can book for a week or two. A varied hiking experience with guided tours along the meadows and shores.

The lush gardens of Quinta dos Artistas are home to around 700,000 bees. We take care of a natural management and do not use pesticides“, Emphasizes the host Gerald. Honey in Maderia is characterized by a mix of flowers, shrubs, fruits and vegetables – from Quinta’s large garden. “Quinta dos Artistas” is the sustainable showcase project in Madeira and is the only company on the island that bears the Green Key approval seal for sustainable and environmentally conscious management.

Romania and Bulgaria – forests, meadows and mountains – a natural paradise

Where wolves and bears say good night and Count Dracula stays at his castle, world hikers go on a journey of discovery. Romania is an often underrated but versatile and exciting hiking destination with small medieval towns and untouched natural landscapes – either in Transylvania or in the Southern Carpathians.

Guide Engelbert returned to his homeland after many years in Germany. Accompanies the Weltwandern team on a week-long trek through the Cernatal and Retezat National Parks, showing the “unexplored Southern Carpathians” and their scenic views on a variety of day trips. He lovingly renovated his grandfather’s farm in Alzen. Since 2020 it also owns 16 bee colonies. “I harvested 140 kilos of honey last year. Beekeeping is my passion, I still learn a lot about bees and I am glad to share my experiences with my guestsEngelbert says happy.

Leo bees are buzzing in Transylvania. The host family is one of the pioneers of ecotourism in Romania – they recognized the importance of regional agriculture from an early age and incorporated it into the sustainable idea of ​​Pension Villa Hermani. The week-long “Untouched Nature & Transylvanian Cities” tour also hosts the Worldwide Hiking Group. It blooms and thrives everywhere – the Piatra Craiului National Park is ideal for hikers and Leo bees. Guide Leo is happy to try the honey she produces as part of an informative talk with her guests about the insects that need to be protected.

The varied Bulgarian mountains with the crystal clear mountain lakes and the hilly landscape of the Rhodopes never cease to amaze the world hiking teams. As the hiking team, accompanied by Bilyana, wanders through the flowery meadows, discovering orchids or orange sparkles of nailwort – in some places the country is a summer Sunday setting. A real paradise for wild bees and insects – but also for hikers! The trails of the impressive trip “Images, mountain lakes & villages of Rodopi” also lead through small villages and monasteries of Rila.

Montenegro – Bees in the vineyard and vegetable garden of Lake Scarda

Wander around the world, visitors will also get to know a lot of fauna and flora on their trip to Montenegro. Because on the path of “pleasure hiking on easy paths” or “wild beauty” you will find the Skadarsee National Park – with 270 species of birds one of the largest bird sanctuaries in Europe. Pelicans, herons and eagles live side by side with wild bees and other animals. The national park also hosts host Angelika, who runs a winery with her family in the middle of this beautiful natural romance. The bees are buzzing all over the vineyard. If they are hiking guests, they are welcome at the table and delicious wine from the wine cellar and specialties from the local cuisine are served.

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