Viennese start-up GLEAM now relies solely on domestic production of multi-purpose bicycles

Vienna (OTS) Following the successful launch of the multi-purpose bicycle on the market, the Austrian startup GLEAM is now launching its own production in Vienna. In addition to the large assembly area, the 810m2 production unit in the 23rd District also offers ample space for an extensive warehouse, product development and any service activities. It is the basis for the implementation of the development and production goals of the new company. By 2025, the new site will create more than 30 new jobs and allow for the production capacity of 2,500 bicycles per year.

Since we already had product development, business development and headquarters in Vienna, it was the next logical step for us to bring together the supply chain, production and logistics in Vienna“, Explains Mario Eibl, founder and CEO of GLEAM.

He sees another advantage of Vienna’s location in the good innovation network and existing know-how on sustainable mobility. “Through other start-ups in the field of mobility in Vienna / environment (woom, Vello, TTTech, Eloop, etc.) there is a good network and know-how to promote international orientation from the Vienna location even more. The interface between shopping and sales in Smart City Wien makes this location very attractive to us“Through increased networking, the company wants to fulfill its mission of sustainable and CO2-neutral urban mobility. The company’s founder and CEO Mario Eibl already mentioned this important goal when he appeared in” 2 minutes 2 million “, where He persuaded investors to invest in the sustainable company.

Possibility of developing e-cargo bicycles

With the change of production location, GLEAM is reacting to the growing demand in the DACH region. The Austrian bicycle industry recorded record sales of over 1 billion euros in 2021. According to the Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Sports Equipment Suppliers in Austria, there is also potential for growth in the e-cargo bicycle sector. The company wants to build on this with its GLEAM bike.

Necessary service nearby

Already 300 pieces of three-wheeled innovation are rolling on European roads. Customers include delivery services, craftsmen, supermarkets and private users. Larger companies such as the Viennese online supermarket or TCAMTC have already upgraded their vehicle fleets with GLEAM Bikes. The striking yellow cargo bike, specially built by GLEAM as the TCAMTC fault vehicle, runs in the center of Vienna between May and September so that it can help quickly in the event of a fault. The head of ÖAMTC roadside assistance, Gerhard Samek, finds the built-in toolbox particularly advantageous, as it allows the transport of additional equipment. “The freight bike also offers“said Samek”More driving comfort thanks to the new driving technology, which does not require any speeds. ” Another advantage for local customers is that the bikes can be repaired directly by the manufacturer.

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About GLEAM Technologies GmbH
GLEAM Technologies GmbH is revolutionizing mobility with a new category of bicycles: reusable bicycles. By simply changing the different bodies, the cargo pedelec can be used in a variety of commercial or private situations. Specially developed tilt technology ensures additional safety and dynamic handling. Made in Vienna, the GLEAM Bike not only transforms traffic in the city center, but actively helps with it
to reduce traffic-related emissions.

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