This is the best way to start your personal journey to the stars

by Simon Fistrich and Sebastian Göttling from Germany’s most popular retro Star Trek podcast “Trek am Tuesday”

The Star Trek timeline must seem crazy to outsiders. A fantastic story that does not even exist and probably never will. The schematic on this page is still very simple, because every year dozens, sometimes hundreds, of short and long SciFi stories are hidden. An unimaginable story. If you add the new series from 2017 or even the countless novels, it becomes more confusing and contradictory.

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For die-hard fans who delve deep into the subject, the Star Trek timeline is a symbol of the inner logic of their beloved universe. They can spend hours thinking about it, dreaming about the future and enjoying what experts call world-building. When the date of Star Trek was first published in book form in 1992, when it was much less complicated, fans were amazed at how beautifully all the stories fit together.

If you are new to Star Trek and looking for a starting point using the timeline, you will quickly get carried away. “Enterprise” (now broadcast on RTL +), the oldest classified series, is very enticing. Also, the show has only four seasons. a manageable venture. But “Enterprise” is a prequel, which means: It tells the story of a series that aired before, but without having seen them, the numerous hints do not make sense. The fun of a prequel is to see the characters make their way to the beginning with the King of Knowledge at the end of the journey. Using a Phaser for the first time or looking at a code of conduct that will eventually be known as the Starfleet First Instruction.

The best start

So what’s the right way to start? Starting with the original Raumschiff Enterprise series (now streaming on RTL +) from the 1960s can prove to be a major challenge due to modern viewing habits, even if it’s worth giving open-minded authorities a chance. Mainly because you can experience how the universe has grown and prospered in the last 55 years since production began.

You may also want to start with the 24th century series, which are widely regarded as the most popular. But during that time, more than 500 of the 725 Star Trek stories filmed by 2005 wandered. A chaos that has a deterrent effect.

We, Simon and Sebastian from Germany’s most popular retro Star Trek podcast “Trek am Tuesday”we recommend to the absolute newcomers an order that we have checked and have given the special TaD approval stamp.

As a cornerstone, some homework really needs to be done in the first place. The episode “Errand of Mercy” (now airing on RTL +) shows Captain Kirk in his first confrontation with the long-running villains, the Klingons, while at the same time telling a typical Trek pacifist story. The episodes “Amok Time” (Space Fever) (stream now on RTL +) and “Journey to Babel” (stream now on RTL +) talk about the Vulcans in general and Mr. Spock’s family in particular. Finally, you will meet the genetically engineered despot Khan Noonien Singh in “Space Seed” (The Sleeping Tiger) (now streaming on RTL +).

Now that you have enough information and feel for Star Trek to start the movie trilogy (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock) and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Three truly classic SciFi movies from the 1980s, offering a cohesive story and at the same time a great variety – from a revenge campaign to a time travel comedy.

Anyone who has tried Vulcan Green Blood after this introductory program has two options. Maybe spending more time with the original crew around Kirk, Spock and McCoy is a lot of fun. Then the remaining 75 episodes of the original series are on the spot. Or even better, because the episodes all work independently, unlike today’s series where you can not skip an episode. Special recommendations are the episodes that received a special De Kelley award as part of our podcast. These are stories that are so fantastic that we would take them to a desert island. At our homepage under the heading “Ratings” you will find a large selection.

It would also be possible to watch the sixth feature film, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. This movie creates a themed bridge to the next century Trek, so you can start with “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (now streaming on RTL +). And if you’re really crazy, you can just mix both approaches.

Star Trek has so much to offer – and we hope you enjoy exploring it, chronologically or by chance.

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