More IT security for 5G installations

Cradlepoint presents a combined cloud solution
More IT security for 5G installations

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Cradlepoint’s advanced NetCloud Exchange management software combines 5G security, SD-WAN and Zero Trust. Companies should be able to extend their networks with more IT security, produce new services and drive digital transformation.

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Exchange combines 5G, SD-WAN and zero-trust security.

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With cloud-based 4G LTE and 5G mobile communications solutions, the manufacturer supports companies in all aspects of cloud computing, mobility and IoT applications. Digital transformation is the driver here. Classic WAN architectures are often too limited and not flexible enough to meet the current demands of applications and end devices to connect various company locations, company vehicles, devices and employees working in the company, on the road or from the home office.

The NetCloud platform now offers 5G services to support enterprises’ WAN transformation and specifically focuses on the security aspect.

Todd Krautkremer, Chief Marketing Officer at Cradlepoint

More devices means a bigger attack surface

5G technology (known as a campus network) is currently being put into high gear as an important infrastructure component of the previously common wide area networks (WANs) implemented using WLANs. This can lead to specific cloud-controlled transports in network traffic and significantly more connected end devices. However, this also creates a bigger target for cyber attacks. This is exactly where Cradlepoint wants to start with NetCloud Exchange management software and provides new services that are easier to use, offer greater security and are more scalable to the respective requirements of the company. “Most networking solutions today are designed for wired deployments,” said Todd Krautkremer, Cradlepoint chief marketing officer. With the 5G services now offered by the NetCloud platform, the focus is on the security aspect.

Secure end-to-end connections

In detail the NetCloud services are Secure Connect, Advanced SD-WAN and Zero Trust Network Access. According to the manufacturer, with the VPN-like Secure Connect service, secure end-to-end connections via 4G LTE and 5G can be established for a large number of locations in just a few steps. Automated tunnel management minimizes the complexity typically found with VPNs. In addition, there is effective encryption, name-based routing, and simple IP address management. This includes masked IP addresses (cloaking) and access to the network without standardized preliminary parameters. Following the principle of least privilege, Secure Connect first secures the accesses through which a connection is possible. Compared to the “connect first, then secure” VPN example, the service follows the exact opposite path of “secure first, then connect”.

Manage configurations more flexibly

As a second service, NetCloud Exchange offers advanced SD-WAN capabilities for end-to-end support and richer application optimizations with Advanced SD-WAN. According to Cradlepoint, this allows for 5G network separation and complex configurations in terms of cloud integration. In addition to robust and flexibly controlled network traffic, endpoints in private data centers and cloud-based data centers are also scalable and resilient.

Network access policy

The third service, Zero Trust Network Access, uses flexible, granular policies based on user, location, application, and resource categories. Identity, context and 5G attributes are used here to control access to the network.

Services are provided through the NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway, a scalable yet stable software-based solution for private and cloud-based data centers. In addition to aggregating remote connections, it provides traffic visibility and ensures the correct application of supported services’ policies.

According to the manufacturer, the NetCloud Exchange Secure Connect and NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway solutions are immediately available. Customers will have to wait until the fourth quarter of this year for the other solutions.


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