Luka Klais from Nagold: The Voice Battles – Nagold & Surroundings is now on cloud 7

With “Wolke 7” Luca Kleis sang himself into the hearts of the public – and the coaches. Photo: ProSieben/SAT.1/André Kowalski

The show goes on: Luca Maxim Kleis is one round down on ‘The Voice of Germany’. He was even spoiled for choice when it came to trainers.

Nagold/Berlin – “Wolke 7” was Luka “Maksim” Klais’ debut song on The Voice of Germany. And after his performance in the blind auditions, he could also feel that he was on cloud nine: the 22-year-old singer rocked the room.

And not only the audience was excited by the young man’s show. So are the coaches. Three of the four jurors turned to their big seats during the Nagold musician’s performance and then fought to get Luka on their team.

Luka joins Team Mark

After all, it was Mark Forster who decided to coach Luca “Maxim”. He had also trapped him with strong words and praised, among other things, that Luca had made his own song from the song, which is actually performed by Max Herre and Philipp Poisel. “That was nice,” smiled the voice coach. “You didn’t imitate anyone and yet you nailed the feel of the song.”

In the end, it was probably a very spontaneous decision by the young artist, who has been training to become a musical actor in Hamburg for two years. “Actually, I said before that I want to go to Peter,” Luca Maxim revealed to the Black Forest Messenger after the show. But finally Forster found the right words. Or maybe tones?

What the viewers didn’t see at all: Forster had made it all the way in the blind auditions. “He also sang me a song,” says Luca – to the tune of “You’ve Got to Cross Seven Bridges.” Probably also as an allusion to coach Peter Maffei, who also wanted Luka in his team. The likeable musician from Nagold couldn’t do anything else. “When do they tell you a song?” laughs.

Mark Forster sings a song to Luka

However, the TV audience did not see Lukas Gunst’s singing ad. The contribution was already relatively high at about nine minutes. Forster’s song probably had to believe it – and was cut off.

In the end, it wasn’t about Mark Forster’s singing abilities, but Luka Maksim Klais. And he was convincing in his singing on all levels – he showed many facets of his voice – especially in a spoken rather than a rap part. And he shone with his incredibly likeable charisma.

By the way, from the beginning. Always laughing, always a little mischievous and always optimistic – this is how Luca Maxim presented himself when he was introduced to the TV show. Mega crazy is everything here. “It still feels like a dream,” he told the millions watching as he sat casually on the sofa during his round of introductions. Viewers learned a lot about Luka. That he has been living in Hamburg for two years and is training as a musical actor. And who did he have with him in the studio to back him up.

The most important person in his life

And suddenly there was a lot of love. Because Luca did not hide that his mother was “the most important person” for him. And mom Melitta met at least as likable as her son. He proudly displayed photographs of children and young people – also from Lucas’s creative period at Nagold with theatrical performances, choir singing and big band sound. “He’s done everything,” he said. And he always supported Luke. “There was never a plan B,” the mother stressed.

“You’re right mom,” smiled Luca, who was already standing in front of the stage entrance and could watch moderator Thore Schölermann and his “mom” looking at the pictures. “Thank you mom, thank you Thore… Oh, now I’m in the mood. No plan B, just one plan… focus fully on it, then something will happen.” He said so and stormed the Berlin Voice stage.

he almost missed the show

And how did Luca Kleis experience the whole thing? A few weeks have passed since the recording of the blind auditions. The 22-year-old still remembers the moment Peter Maffi, the first manager, turned: “I was freaking out, what a great moment!”

By the way, Luca did not know what the TV station would cut from all the interviews. He also didn’t get to see the post with his performance beforehand. And he almost missed the show – after all, Luca is currently appearing on stage in the hit musical production Footlose in Hamburg. And he only had a show to play on Friday night.

But Luke’s contribution was broadcast late, around 10:15 p.m. And so he just returned home during the commercial break before his show and was able to experience his performance on Sat1. “It’s a strange feeling to see yourself on TV,” Luca then revealed in a live stream session on his private Instagram channel. A feeling he should probably get used to.

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