Play Moving Out 2: The Movers Return

What do you do when you’ve perfected every dish, mastered every kitchen, and fed every last hungry guest on Overcooked? That’s right, you take the proven and popular co-op couch concept and simply transfer it to a new environment! Enter Moving Out. In Freelancer 2020, you join a team of movers and help clear out apartments – each with different challenges and obstacles. This was very well received by the players and the press. The ratings were impressive, as were the sales of over 500,000 units. So it made sense that a DLC called Movers in Paradise was added in 2021, which allowed you to juggle moving boxes on a tropical island.

This year the success story will continue with an official successor. Publisher Team 17 and developer SMG Studio presented Moving Out 2 at Gamescom, and we were there live to get first impressions of the game: Is the game concept still fun? What new game mechanics have the creators come up with? And finally there is online co-op? We tell you all the important things in the preview!

Let’s start with something familiar: Also in Moving Out (buy now €14.99) 2 you return for Smooth Moves transport company as certified FART. on the road. So as a Furniture Moving and Arranging Technician. Your goal is to zoom in on an overview map with up to three friends, stop at different addresses and help local residents pack their belongings into fragile brown boxes. This is now possible even in Online multiplayereven on all platforms!

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Instead of just moving around the town of Packmore or Packmore Island, this time you explore new realms, far beyond our known dimensions. Developer SMG Studio promises the same four different worlds with a change of topics. For us it was, among other things, the transition to the distant future and a land of milk and honey made of sprinkles and icing. These levels are held together by some sort of overarching story. Part 2 wants to put even more emphasis on the story. Even former TV writers worked on it.

Levels come instantly with new challenges: They exist now high species, which you have to tilt to get through the door frame. The doors also work differently now. Some only open in one direction, some have to be pushed to open and then slowly close again, and others blink continuously. In addition, it awaits you in some selected levels screening mechanics. So you can’t just throw everything in the same box, you have to separate boxes and electronics from each other.

Played Moving Out 2: The couch co-op spectacle at the Gamescom preview. (8th)

Source: Team 17 / SMG Studio

Our favorite innovation is probably its revision slaps. They now have added value in terms of gameplay as well. Among other things, you use it to flip switches. On top of that, they pop even more beautifully now. So you can satiate your teammates across the room with a juicy bell. It almost replaces it Dash function (known from overcooked), which the creators also omitted in part 2. “We tried the feature,” they told us when asked, “but it just didn’t work.”

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