Use iCloud passwords in Windows

Tom’s Tip of the Week: 2FA Generator for iCloud Sync
Use iCloud passwords in Windows

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Installing iCloud for Windows allows users to associate iCloud for Windows with iCloud Keychain in Settings. This also works with two-factor authentication.

Apple products like iCloud can sync with Windows, including using Keychain.

After installing iCloud for Windows, iCloud can be connected to the Microsoft operating system, for example to sync data and favorites, access iCloud Drive, store photos in the cloud, or manage iCloud Drive. In the current version, passwords from Apple keychain can also be synced with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Two-factor authentication for Apple and Windows

After installing iCloud for Windows, you can enable the Passcodes feature in Settings. After that, users can click “Install Extension” in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome to install an extension that can be used to sync passwords between iCloud Keychain and browsers.

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Part of this extension is a code generator for generating 2FA keys. This offers the same functionality on Windows as on macOS 12.x and iOS 15/16. The advantage of using this feature is that no additional code generation or implementation is required through the extension in browsers, but that the browser can handle all functions through iCloud for Windows. This means that Windows computers can be used to confirm registrations in the Apple universe in the same way as iPhones, iPads and Macs.

It is also possible to save notes with the passwords to provide password information. Once the extension is connected to iCloud, passwords from the iCloud key can be used on websites, alongside saved passwords in the browser.


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