German students’ skills are declining

Coursera Global Skills Report 2022
German students’ skills are declining

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Online learning platform Coursera’s Global Skills Report 2022 shows that German students’ skills in technology, business and data science are declining.

The skill level of German students is still high, but it is decreasing year by year.

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With ongoing digital transformation, inflation and global volatility, digital and personal skills are required to ensure success in the modern economy. In the Global Skills Report, Coursera looked at students’ skills in key sections. For the study, the education specialist drew on data from 100 million students in more than 100 countries who gained a new qualification through Coursera in the past year.

“Developing and automating the Great Resignation requires a significant investment in people,” said Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda. Therefore, German organizations must continue to develop digital and personal skills that are in high demand in order to ensure a competitive and equal workforce. But skills are not evenly distributed: “Students and low-income people need flexible, affordable and quick access to digital essential jobs that provide the foundation for a stronger and more inclusive economy,” says Maggioncalda.

Rank drop despite high level

German students do best in economics: With relevant knowledge, they achieve a result of 92 percent and thus rank ninth worldwide – compared to last year, however, they have fallen one place in the ranking.

The field of data science, which includes machine learning, data visualization and data management, is also in decline. Germany achieved 88 percent and ranked 13th worldwide, compared to seventh place the previous year.

At 85 percent, the result was worse in the technology sector. This equates to 16th place internationally and a drop of six places from last year. The technology sector requires skills that are critical to competitiveness in the digital economy. These include web development, programming, cloud computing and software engineering.

Coursera data shows that German workers are still among the best educated in Europe and the world. But: “The international race for talent is becoming more and more intense. This is driven by the increase in telecommuting and the continued growth of the digital economy,” said Anthony Tattersall, vice president of Coursera EMEA.


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