Igel OS optimizes the performance of Microsoft Teams

In Azure and Windows 365 virtual desktop
Igel OS optimizes the performance of Microsoft Teams

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Igel OS managed endpoint operating system enables secure access to digital workplaces. End devices connected through Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 are now also optimized for Microsoft Teams use.

IGEL OS now optimally masters the use of Microsoft teams.

The optimization stems from more than two years of joint development and collaboration between Igel and Microsoft. The Linux-based Igel operating system should now provide maximum performance for all team functions and thus allow users to collaborate smoothly.

Microsoft Teams on Azure Virtual Desktop supports chat and collaboration features. Calling and meeting functions are also possible through multimedia optimization. The remote desktop client handles audio and video locally for Teams calls and meetings. According to Igel, this ensures high performance as well as smooth and trouble-free use.

fruitful cooperation

Igel and Microsoft have been working together since 2019. At that time, Igel was a founding member of the Azure Virtual Add partner program as an early adopter and recognized partner for Linux endpoints. In 2020, Igel released the first Linux client with support for Azure Virtual Desktop. Microsoft has also joined the Igel Ready program.

“Enhanced support for teams has been a mandatory requirement since the outbreak of the pandemic and remains important in today’s world of hybrid workplace models,” said Igel CEO Jed Ayres. The technology delivers a consistent user experience without compromise on end devices with Igel OS Teams users.

“Together we are able to offer our customers stable collaboration, smooth video, dynamic screen sharing and advanced Teams features delivered with the ease of management and security that characterizes the Igel operating system,” adds Kam VedBrat, Director, Azure Virtual Desktop, by Microsoft. .


Teams optimization for Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365 is available from Igel OS version 11.07.110. A free trial version is available on Igel’s website.


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