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get a dog? which costs time and money

Updated: 08/12/2022, 20:05

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A dog is man’s best friend, as the saying goes. But friendship is based on reciprocity and care.

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Bad Lauterberg/Osterode/Harz.
If you want a dog as a pet, you often don’t consider the cost of keeping it breed-appropriate. An overview.

He’s waiting at the front door when you get home, wagging his tail. It pedals with confidence during walks. Relaxed, sleeping in front of the fireplace while you read a book. Lies in the corner dutifully during the meal. He gratefully accepts every blow.

Many imagine the ideal dog as a companion in everyday life in this way or something similar. What some people forget: a The dog is a creature with its own needs. And it costs money – not only to buy it, but also to maintain it.

The municipality of Bad Lauterberg recently announced that the public order office will check more closely whether dog owners have registered their animals in the dog register, as required by the state of Lower Saxony. But this is by no means the only bureaucratic hurdle that dog owners have to overcome.

Buying a dog: what to consider?

Veterinarian Tanja Barke therefore advises Before getting a dog, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the dog fit into my life? How much time do I have to deal with it? How long should he be alone?
  • i have people that enter, if I can’t take care of the dog myself? Is there a doggie daycare near me?
  • How big can the dog be? This question is especially important in families with children. “A 6-year-old shouldn’t be walking a 70-pound dog alone,” Barke says.
  • What race Suits me? Even if, according to current studies, a dog’s breed reveals little about the character of individual animals, one learns from breed profiles how much exercise and activity is necessary. Barke advises not just quickly Googling it, but consulting a dog book — “and then read carefully, and not just the bits you like.”
  • Can I afford it? The Prices for dogs according to the vet, it increased by 50 to 100 percent during the coronavirus crisis, even for mixed breeds. And Barke warns: “The purchase price is the minimum.”

The dog license is for people

In Lower Saxony there is a dog keeping law. A dog owner must keep and lead the dog in such a way that the animal does not pose a danger. Therefore, he must demonstrate that he is familiar with dogs and knows about animal welfare and legislation. With few exceptions, dog owners should therefore have one dog license I make, I do. There is a theoretical and a practical part test.

At Tanja Barke, aptitude tests cost money 80 euros. In practice, contrary to what many believe, it is not a question of whether the dog obeys. Instead, it’s about the people and whether they can handle the animal, Barke says. As a practicing veterinarian, she did not have to get a dog handler’s license herself, even though she has two dogs.

Weimaraner dog Abby – full name: Abby vom Welfenschloss – even lends her to candidates for the practical exams. You can get your driver’s license before you even get a dog. At least with this one theory it must be so. The practical test must then be taken within the first year of dog ownership.

The requirements in particular for the practical The test is low: only those who do not pay attention to the dog on the leash or use violence can really fail. Furthermore, both tests can be repeated an infinite number of times.

What does the dog do on vacation or at work?

Michael Schmidt from Bad Lauterberg city administration advises you to prepare carefully and read the questions carefully so that it works as well as possible the first time. For all Question Multiple answer choices are given, of which you sometimes have to mark more than one.

Schmidt and his wife Janina are the owners of Rhodesian Ridgeback Labrador mix Ike. The now 8-year-old male came to the Schmidts when he was two years old. In fact, they wanted to get a dog much earlier. But because they are both there he worked eight hours a day they left it and preferred to buy a motorbike.

It wasn’t until Janina Schmidt spent more time at home after an illness that the two fulfilled their desire for a dog and got Ike. “We didn’t expect it to cost so much money,” admits Janina Schmidt. On vacation the couple must pay an additional fee for Ike each time, either in the hotel or in the caravan.

In addition, the dog had already twice operates be: Due to prostate problems, he was castrated, then an eyelid tumor had to be removed. After a dog attack in which several vertebrae have been displaced, physiotherapy is also needed.

Recurring expenses for dog owners

The Schmidts now have a surgeryINSURANCE completed for her dog. According to their own statements, it is something less than 30 euros per month. Health insurance was very expensive. More will follow veterinary costsfor example for an annual checkup, thyroid tablets, special food, regular flea and tick prevention and deworming, dog tax and of course liability insurance.

In the liability insurance advises the vet Barke to be careful about the coverage: It should be around 10 million euros, for example if the dog bites someone or causes a car accident.

Dog taxation and registry

The amount of the dog tax is determined by the respective municipality. If you register your dog, you can learn more about it at citizens office.

In addition, the four-legged friend must be registered in the dog registry. You need the 15-digit code for this transponder number of the chip inserted by the vet. It can be found, for example, in the EU pet passport – alternatively, vets, for example, have the appropriate readers. Online registration costs EUR 14.50 per dog. 23.50 euros are due by phone on 0441 390 10 400.

Finally, Tanja Barke advises: “Vaccinate regularly, deworm, exercise, love and they feed.”

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