Google Pay: The most important settings

Tom’s weekly tip: customize Google Pay
Google Pay: The most important settings

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Google Pay settings in a Google Account allow users to customize addresses, contact information, and privacy. If you use the payment service on Android, you should take a closer look at the settings. In this tip we show you the most important settings.

Online payment services are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany.

The fastest way to access Google Pay settings for a Google Account is to go to After registration, contact information is available in the “Addresses” section. Here users can customize existing addresses, define new addresses or remove addresses no longer required from the list. At this point, the phone number and registration address can also be customized. The current reference address can be changed via the Settings tab. When adding further addresses, it is also possible to save addresses abroad.

improving privacy

First of all, the sometimes annoying promotional emails from Google can be turned off with the “Settings” tab on the Google Pay website. All you have to do is disable the “Email Updates” option on the page. Further setting options are available in “Payment Profile”. On this page, you can also specify which users are allowed to manage Google Pay in the Manage Payment Profile Users account.

In “Privacy Settings” you can use “Sharing is enabled” to control whether other companies receive information that a user uses Google Play. This means that Google Pay can be used in other services as well. If you no longer want to use Google Pay, you can completely disable Google Pay for the account with “Close Payments Profile”.

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