‘Princess Charming’ Finale: Hannah and Jesse are on cloud nine

“Princess Charming” Finale
Hannah and Jesse are on cloud nine

By Kai Butterweck

19 single women competed for the heart of this year’s “Princess” Hanna Sökeland. After countless deep conversations, many unusual dates and even more intimate moments, the site manager has now decided on the lady of her heart.

Half a bottle of chocolate liqueur after last year’s finale party made it clear that a courtship-ready princess will also begin her search for the perfect love in the summer of 2022. Four seasons later, 28-year-old site manager Hanna Sökeland has taken on the role of the trapped protagonist on RTL+ . Under the waving rainbow flag, the whole thing should now lead to a shocking volcanic eruption of emotions – the moment of the final surrender of the chain.

“Princess Charming” on RTL+

Hannah found her queen of hearts. How did this happen? The full season of “Princess Charming” is available on RTL +.

But before Hannah lets her heart decide, the two remaining ladies can work really hard on one last dream date. As in the previous year, envy and resentment play a very small role.

Already in the semi-final decision, in which the tall Caro and the hippie Amelia were at a disadvantage, big tears always flowed down the smiling faces. Lying in each other’s arms, the candidates said goodbye in ‘Best Friends’ mode. It doesn’t matter what the decision is: again and again you see the hand extended to the ear, thumb and forefinger, the usual sign of future phone calls. “We will see and hear each other!” It echoed countless times through the Greek villa.

“Bear, the last letter is here!”

“Sweet” Laura and “stubborn” Jessie are presented as tame, sympathetic and free from any thought of competition. Instead of stretching out your elbows before the last delivery of the chain, the two lie next to each other on the last day: “Listen, the last letter is here!” Jessie cheers. Once again, the two women can enjoy undisturbed company with the princess.

Daring Laura is the first to go straight home. A quick tour on a jet ski, lots of Prosecco, passionate kisses and a night together that was “very physical and very intimate”: In Laura, Hanna finds her sweet match. But is that enough for a future together? The black hoodie is tied for the last time with the red hoodie.

While your gaze wanders over the white rooftops in the distance, a few kilometers away the next finalist is already waiting in the starting blocks with an expectant expression on her face. Hanna also spends hours full of passion and happiness with Jessi. In the jewelry workshop the two lovers make two bracelets. While eating pizza, Hanna looks deep into her partner’s eyes, “Here we are and what’s to come,” the princess whispers.

A little while later, Hanna and Jessi enjoy a hot bath in the bathtub very tight. The next morning: “We didn’t sleep much,” Hannah laughs. A round of archery marks the end of the final round of courtship, before he goes to work surrounded by countless delicate glowing candle lights.

With whom does Hanna embark on a shared future?

Hanna has worn a black mini dress for the occasion. Jessi and Laura also dressed up for the occasion. Now all that remains is the answer to the question: Who does Hanna embark on a future together with? Laura is “cracked” and Jessie has “butterflies in her stomach”. But what about Hannah?

After two touching love lectures, the princess bows her head. Laura already seems to suspect something. “You are forever in my heart and you are and always will be my teddy bear,” Hannah cried. tears fall. Hanna swallows briefly. But it’s all good: “Thanks for the great time!” whispered the runner-up. Section. Now it’s Jessie’s turn.

In the background the pyrotechnicians are already rubbing their hands. Hannah takes a small breath. Then she bursts out: “My heart tells me you’re the woman I want to go home with today, I’ve fallen in love with you,” sighs the Princess. Fire hydrants rise. Jesse and Hannah hug and kiss. Two hearts that beat for each other come together. The second season of “Princess Charming” ends with a big fireworks display and even bigger thrills. Fingers crossed that the budding love lasts long. spades!

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