Ingrid Klimke sets a magnificent personal best –

In a personal best, Ingrid Klimke and Franziskus finished second behind more than 25 percent of all the mains at the World Championship Grand Prix in Herning. It was a special ride that inspired.

Over 75 percent – with a personal best, Ingrid Klimke was the first key of the German dressage team at the World Championships! Not only in terms of percentage units, but mainly in terms of consideration as such.

“With a personal best – that was my goal”

Francis came to the sunny stadium – a lucky coincidence, because he had been showered twice in the morning. Combined with the fresh wind, it certainly feels very Danish, but not very pleasant. But the sun was shining for Ingrid and ‘Frans’. And if there had been a cloud in the sky, the two figures of light that the twin of Münster appeared as today would have simply swept aside.

When the crowd applauded Sweden’s Jeanna Hogberg after her ride, Fidertanz’s son twitched once. “I used to think I was going to gallop ahead of him. Now I waited and he stayed with me.”

Klimke, who is riding her first championship at the dressage camp — which presents her and her son-in-law Carmen Thiemann with problems of their own, as Ingrid Klimke reveals on the podcast — did her routine. He didn’t miss a point, he didn’t miss a single letter that he had to hit in the Grand Prix (here the evaluations in the task are calculated) by a centimeter. There were many highlights. Klimke got the reinforcement from Francis. So the loud trot was nothing more than that: loud! A little “Hulapalu feeling” ensued. The leader from the Holkenbrink station has often put his feet to the song. “On the last diagonal I noticed in the corner that he knows what’s coming. Then the croup fell and we left,” Klimke recalls.

Much improved in concentration

The Hanoverian stallion made progress in all collection exercises. Important to finish your league debut with a personal best. With Johannes Augustin he brought “Franz” to the Grand Prix. Training with Johnny Hilberath since joining Olympiakos has helped her a lot. Especially in lessons like piaffe and passing and transitions. Challenged three times in the Grand Prix and each time they got better.

In the canter, the first pirouette and line change were further highlights of the test. Shortly after the ride came good news from Münsterland: Ingrid’s daughter Great Busacker took the lead in the Westphalian championship. So it runs with the Klimke family!

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Denmark leads with another personal best

Half an hour earlier there was a real atmosphere in Herning’s football stadium for the first time: Nana Merald Rasmussen, first baseman for Denmark’s favorite team, brought one of the oldest horses to the start: the stallion Blue Hors Zack. At that time there were already two descendants of Zack in the arena (Zig Zag under Gilles Ngovan (SUI), 69.223 percent and Grevens Zorro with Anna Tallberg (FIN), 67.609). Later, South African Greta Ferreira with Zidane (70.00) was to complete Jacques’s trio of the day. Zac’s great-grandson, Zonic Heath, entered the arena under Portugal’s João Pedro Moreira. He left with 71.522 percent – so he should have a chance to take part in the Grand Prix Special. The top 30 rides from the Grand Prix qualify for this first individual medal decider on Monday.

Pauline von Hardenberg

Evergreen Zack with Nanna Merrald Rasmussen – meanwhile out and about in the ring with his grandchildren, but as fit as ever! (© Pauline von Hardenberg)

But dad showed it to everyone first. If all 18-year-old horses staggered like the KWPN stallion does under his rider today, vets would be out of a job. However, some performances that felt less like “personal best” and more like “is this still uneven or already lame?” they showed that they needn’t worry.

In any case, Jacques carried himself. Brilliant with good piaffes and passes and excellent transitions. In half the passes he was a bit fussy in the tail, but he always looked like a “happy athlete” that one would like to experience in the arena. Even the muzzle, which sometimes looked less attractive on the mighty stallion, did not cloud the overall picture. 76,724 percent went along for the ride. This is the lead. And Nana could hardly believe her luck: Number one in the rankings with a personal best. “This is completely insane. I can’t believe we delivered like this. Zack’s highest score in an international Grand Prix. He is so special, wonderful. Sure, there were some nervous moments. But this is what dreams are made of. I’m so happy!”

Pauline von Hardenberg

Yes, you should be thankful for such a horse! (© Pauline von Hardenberg)

With this result, the idea of ​​the Danish selection committee worked. After the start in the Danish championship, the decision fell to Jacques. Training was all about keeping him fresh and in good spirits. The concept worked.

Benjamin Werndl leaves for Germany at 7.45pm. Danish second base, Carina Cassøe Krüth and Heiline’s Danciera are expected at 19.27. At 7pm, Gareth Hughes is in demand as the second Briton. Richard Davison and the self-made Bublingh had started for Team GB. The tall bay walked steadily with a high croup and low back. The couple who have known each other since birth received 68.851 percent. Davison has ridden the dam at international shows and even world championships.

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