Werder Bremen: Clear for Leo Bittencourt! Probably not a failure!

Bremen/Cottbus – Leonardo Bittencourt also experienced a homecoming during SV Werder Bremen’s 2-1 DFB Cup away win at Energie Cottbus. But the midfielder was unable to play in the first competitive game of the season. In the 70th minute, Bittencourt limped off with calf pain and had to be substituted. At the same time, his teammate Lee Buchanan had to leave the field as he was also suffering from muscle problems.

On Tuesday afternoon followed the official all-clear for both professionals: Both Leonardo Bittencourt as Lee Buchanan According to Werder, they suffered “no structural trauma”. This was revealed by the tests of team doctor Dr. George Tsironis. From SV Werder Bremen also reported that all other players survived the game without injury.

Werder Bremen: No worse injury – the clear for Leonardo Bittencourt

The Bittencourt/Buchanan duo used Tuesday without practice for a one-on-one workout with the recently ill Niklas Stark and Abed Nankishi as well as the injured Benjamin Goller and Eren Dinkci. Both Buchanan and Bittencourt are expected to return to team practice soon. This should also mean that the duo could be used at the start of the Bundesliga SV Werder Bremen on Saturday at VfL Wolfsburg (3.30pm, live ticker DeichStube) nothing stands in the way. (mw)

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Return flight instead of further emotions: sick Werder Bremen professional Leonardo Bittencourt has to leave Cottbus involuntarily

Cottbus – actually it was Leonardo Bittencourt Overjoyed: Returning to hometown club Energie Cottbus had overwhelmed him emotionally and there was a 2-1 win with SV Werder Bremen and the targeted entry into the 2nd round of the DFB Cup. But the highlight of the day had to be canceled – meeting family and friends in the evening because calf went on strike

“I wanted to stay here and the coach allowed it. But with this calf I prefer to fly home to get treatment,” he said Leonardo Bittencourt after his game SV Werder Bremen and added: “I hope it’s only one cramp it was and I can play against Wolfsburg on Saturday.”

Werder Bremen professional Leonardo Bittencourt: injured or just cramping? “I hope I can play on Saturday”

In the 70th minute, the midfielder left the field. He went no further. And so his nail had to end SV Werder Bremen in the Stadium of Friendship from outside. “It’s our fault. In the first half, Cottbus had two corners and nothing. And we felt like there were seven to eight actions in the box that we just didn’t play right. You can stumble in the first round of the cup if things don’t go your way,” he argued Leonardo Bittencourt And not only that: “In the second half I wasn’t happy with the team from the start, we played a bit arrogantly. We made it harder on ourselves than it really was. But whether that was cool now or not, it won’t matter to anyone tomorrow.”

That stuck Leonardo Bittencourt the sports field and devoted himself to the human side of this game. Franklin Bittencourt’s dad is a legend at Cottbus because he made Bundesliga history there as a professional. Leonardo’s son grew up there, he was at Energy Cottbus to the professional football player. “It was an amazing feeling, a lot of emotions came up. I sweated so much here, experienced so much, had so much fun, but also cried so much,” said the 28-year-old with bright eyes and couldn’t stop: “I’ve met so many coaches here and even my own teacher. He congratulated me. I was really happy about that. Because I still remember him telling me: “You better learn, because you don’t know about football…” Bittencourt laughs, he’s happy. I wish he wasn’t the painful one calf, which forces him to return home early. (knee)

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