Fireworks on August 1st. This is how you protect your pet from being hit.

Fireworks are fun for many people, but they are pure horror for many animals. blue News shows you how to spend the best time with your loved one until August 1st.

When bangs are heard and flashes of light adorn the sky on August 1, many domestic and wild animals panic. Here are some tips on how to protect your loved ones:

Cats should not even be let outside on this day, lest they run away in panic. Indoors, the rooms should then be darkened. In addition, the television or radio should be turned on so that the animals can be protected from the outside world. Opportunities for retreat should also be created.

Animal welfare organization Four Paws advises dog owners to go for a last walk in the early evening – and if necessary leave the city with the animals. Additionally, anxious dogs should not be comforted as this will reinforce their insecurities. Instead, dog owners should ignore the animal’s fearful behavior as much as possible so they can project the necessary calm. With special treats, the dog can also be taught that there is something positive about the noise.

Small animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs should have additional hiding places in the enclosure. If they are kept outside, the enclosure should be turned so that it faces, for example, a wall.

August 1 wildfires can be a death trap small animals is. Therefore, animal welfare organizations advise to stack the firewood just before burning it. Once a night has passed between stacking them and burning them, small nocturnal animals such as hedgehogs or mice could crawl into them, the Swiss animal welfare organization wrote in a statement. When the wood starts burning – which comes as a surprise to the animals – they have no escape route due to the sudden crowd around the fire. In the worst case, the animals die of agony.

If short-term stacking is not possible, for example in the event of a very large fire, a protective fence should be placed around the fire. This prevents small animals from hiding in the pile at all. The fence should only be removed an hour or two before the fire.

A good example from the municipality of Zollikofen, BE An amphibian protection fence being removed just before the fire.
A good example from the municipality of Zollikofen, BE An amphibian protection fence being removed just before the fire.

Swiss animal protection
Swiss animal protection

The sound of firecrackers and fireworks is known to be very stressful for animals. Wild animals, especially game like deer and hares, according to the organization Four Paws, startle at any unfamiliar noise. When rockets break and flares shoot into the sky, the animals may panic.

ban on fireworks

In many places, animals are lucky this year: Due to the drought, rocket launches and August 1 bonfires are banned this year. For example in the cantons of Thurgau, St. Gallen, Glarus, Solothurn, Uri and in some cities and municipalities of Zurich and Graubünden. In some places only private fireworks are prohibited, but they may be set off officially municipally.

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