Sunday afternoon crime scene: Today’s crime scene from Hamburg: This is what ‘The Golden Time’ will be like

In today’s crime scene from Hamburg, a murder in the red light district leads Falke and Gross into the deepest circles of Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. Is ‘The Golden Age’ worth it?

  • It is called “The Golden Age”. CRIME SCENE Today from Hamburg. The thriller airs Sunday evening (8:15 PM, 31 July 2022) on first and it is repetition. The first broadcast took place on February 9, 2020.
  • In her case, federal police officers dive in Thorsten Falke (Wotan Wilke Moehring) and Julia Gross (Franziska Weiss) deep inside the hamburger district with brothels one.
  • In our quick check you get all the information about CRIME SCENE today: commissioners, actors, plot, review and media library.

Action: Hamburg crime scene today Sunday in a quick check

A hitman in the red light district shocks the Hamburg neighborhood. During the investigation, Thorsten Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring) meets his old friend Michael Lübke (Michael Thomas) and is confronted with his own past of St. Pauli and his personal memories of his time as a young liar.

In the face of prostitution and modern human trafficking, Julia Grosz (Franziska Weisz) is alien to any nostalgic connection to the neighborhood. Together they hunt down the killer and his henchmen before the smoldering war escalates in the red light environment. Falke’s old friend and former mentor ‘Eisen-Lübke’, ​​a local veteran, proves to be an increasingly difficult opponent.

Bad news for Katharina (Jessica Kosmalla): Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring) needs to be comforted.

Photo: Christine Schroeder, NDR

Review: Is “Tatort: ​​Die goldene Zeit” worth tuning in today?

If this is not a classic German crime story: A murder in the red-light environment of Hamburg, many abysses on the Reeperbahn, artists and commerce, thorns with feathers and a tourist half-world bathed in neon light. Right in the middle of the crime scene today is Thorsten Falke, who wants to solve the crime simply because it brings him face to face with his own St. Pauli.

The intensity of the neighborhood ballad is of course very transparent. And the nostalgic depiction of the “golden age” of the Reeperbahn can also be questioned. Even then, prostitutes with hearts were fiction. Today it is sad girls from Eastern Europe arriving at bus stations. What would recently deceased actor and stage connoisseur Jan Fedder on cloud 14 say about this crime scene? You can read the collected crime scene review in the press reviews of the first show: “Melancholic Kiez drama”.

Former Kiez greats: Egon Pohl (Christian Redl) and Michael Lübke (Michael Thomas) mourn.

Photo: Christine Schroeder, NDR

Actors: These are the actors at the Hamburg crime scene today

  • Thorsten Falke: Wotan Wilke Moehring
  • Julia Gross: Franziska Weiss
  • Michael Luebke: Michael Thomas
  • Mattei Dimescu: Bogdan Yanku
  • Thomas Okonjo: Jonathan Kwesi Aikins
  • Katerina Vanas: Jessica Kosmalla
  • Roman Cainz: Roland Bonjour
  • Caroline Schelling: Deborah Kaufman
  • Krenar Zekaj: Slavko Popadic
  • Voica Barbu: Emma Drogunova
  • Torben Hawk: Levin Liam
  • Egon Paul: Christian Riddle

Tatort Today: Preview, Stream & Full Episodes on ARD-Media library

That First shows all episodes of Tatort alongside the telecast on Sunday as a live stream on ARD-Mediathek (in the mediathek). The episodes are then accessible there for six months – but only between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. for the protection of young people.

Inspectors: Falke and Grosz are the crime scene investigators in Hamburg

Chief Inspector Thorsten Falke is a true “street cop”. He knows Hamburg, he knows the people. He investigates pragmatically, is impulsive and outspoken – which often gets him into trouble with lawyers or bosses. Falke is single and made a conscious decision not to start a family. From an affair with a married woman, however, he has a growing son who does not know who his father is.

Falke initially worked for the LKA Hamburg, but later switched to the Federal Police. In 2016, while investigating, he met young police commissioner Julia Gross, who was at Hanover Airport after a traumatic deployment in Afghanistan. Since then the two have been working together – initially professionally, but from a distance. But with time, the two grow together.

The crime scene lures millions in front of the television every Sunday.  But who really investigates where?  These commissioners or teams are currently on TV.

Crime scene investigators: who investigates where?

Photo: O-Young Kwon, NDR

Press Reviews: Review of the latest crime scene cases from Hamburg

Air Dates: These are the upcoming episodes of Tatort on Sunday

With “In his eyes” the crime scene said goodbye to the summer holidays on June 26. Until the end of August it shows First now reruns of old thrillers. After the summer break, Tatort fans can look forward to some highlights again: a new Münster case, a new Tukur and the 90th film with Batic and Leitmayr. You can read all the details on how the crime scene will continue until the end of time here.

  • July 31: “CRIME SCENE: The golden age” (Ap., Hamburg)
  • August 07: “CRIME SCENE: Long live the King!” (Ans., Muenster)
  • August 14: “CRIME SCENE: The Nest” (Ans, Dresden)
  • August 21:CRIME SCENE: Let the moon stand in the sky” (Ans, Munich)
  • August 28:CRIME SCENE: Ideal world” (Ap., Dortmund)

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