The revolutionary series is being reinvented after 17 years

17 years ago they ended the groundbreaking drama series Queer as Folk. Even an adaptation of the no less revolutionary British original by Russell T. Davies, Queer as Folk thrilled for five seasons with an unprecedented and unparalleled view of the life of queer people with all its ups and downs.

Queer as Folk is a landmark in the history of television and Representation of LGBTQ+ people in series. American streamer Peacock wants to build on these successes with the new edition Queer as Folk. This has now also started in Germany and is worth seeing.

  • From today in Germany: After Queer’s Folk started at the Peacock in June, we can now enjoy the series in Germany as well. You can find Queer as Folk at Starzplay Channel on Amazon * flow.

Queer as Folk highlights the joys and tragedies of the LGBTQ+ community

As with the original two series, the new Queer as Folk is about a (this time much more diverse) group of queer people who Hedonism, sex, parties, drugs and alternative family models. The scene is there New Orleans. We get a glimpse into the lives of gay men Brodie (Devin Way), Noah (Johnny Sibilly), Julian (Ryan O’Connell) and Mingus (Fin Argus) as well as queer parents Shar (CG) and Ruthie (trans* Breakout). starring Jesse James Keitel).

You can watch the Queer as Folk trailer here:

Queer As Folk – S01 Trailer (German) HD

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Even if the reboot at first in the characters, archetypes and plot elements they recognize much of the American model after a shocking twist, he very quickly finds his own identity. Because Queer as Folk 3.0 will be alongside queer relationship dramas and a view of life in the LGBTQ+ community driven in new directions by a traumatic event.

Warning, minor spoiler for episode 1: Club Babylon is at the heart of the queer scene in New Orleans. But a brutal attack shakes community life to its foundations. And unfortunately this is still very relevant. The trauma experienced runs through the entire series as all the characters try in different ways to deal (or not deal) with their trauma and try to find joy in life again through the cohesion of their community.

Queer as Folk unleashes pure fun with Kim Cattrall

Queer as popular as it is for sure no fluffy feel good series or even a romantic view of a world that accepts each person as they are. The figures are erased all over the surface complicated, narcissistic and keep making questionable decisions – real people only. This is exactly what characterized the previous series.

Unfortunately, it’s downright exhausting at times that Queer as Folk repeatedly lets traumatic experiences hang over the characters like a dark cloud. The Balancing action between tragedy and finding your way back to your own zest for life has, for example, mastered the great success of the queer Pose series many times better and more impressively.

The cast of Queer as Folk (2022)

Queer as Folk may not be the best show of the year, but it is it’s definitely worth seeing and it’s important. It tells stories and illuminates the worlds of life (such as non-binary and trans* people, people of color, people with disabilities) that are otherwise not seen in mainstream series. The diversity of the LGBTQ+ community is celebrated here in a way that the original could not.

Particularly impressive is the courage of the actors, who reveal a lot about themselves and their own person in the series – which, among other things, also the hot and sometimes touching sex scenes apply. The highlight of Queer as Folk is definitely the character Ruthie, a young trans* woman and teacher caught in the conflict between party life and motherhood.

But it should not be ignored the most prominent guest star of Queer as Folk eve. Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall appears here as the mother of two gay main characters. In later episodes, he literally shakes up the series and picks it up with surprising twists a whole new level of camping. And it finally brings the fun you’ve been missing for a long time.

The first season of Queer as Folk consists of eight episodes, which are published every Sunday starting August 31, 2022 on Starzplay (also pre-orderable as an Amazon channel). The entire first season served as the basis for this text.

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Will you see Queer as Folk?

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